• New Hero Reveal - Probius
    LoL Patch Notes 7.4
    Click the link for the full breakdown of patch 7.4
    WoW Patch Notes 7.1.5
    New Features
    New Bonus Event - Mists of Pandaria Timewalking
    For players at level 91 and higher, a new Bonus Event every few weeks.
    Temple of the Jade Serpent Stormstout Brewery Shado-Pan Monastery Mogu’shan Palace Siege of Niuzao Temple Gate of the Setting...
    Overwatch Patch Notes 3.2.17
    Hero 24 Reveal!
    New Feature: Game Browser
    Starting today, every player can create their own, unique Overwatch experience and share it with their friends, teammates, or the entire world. Introducing the Game Browser.
    An extension of Overwatch's Custom Game mode, the Game Browser...
    HotS Patch Notes 2.27.2017
    We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply a few bug fixes and balance...
    Town Hall: 3-15-2017
    MadCast will hold a Town Hall meeting on March 15th, 2017 at 8 PM MadCast time on TeamSpeak. 
    This meeting is intended to allow FMs, Candidates, and even associates to ask questions about MadCast's events, games, and administration. A variety of MadCast admins will be available and updates for MadCast games will be...
    MadCast: Kings of the Nexus
    MadCast: Kings of the Nexus
  • Welcome to MadCast, home of casual and hardcore gaming alike. We play everything from marbles to consoles, from League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rocket League, and even tabletop games . Please take a look around while you are here and be sure to register on our site and become a member of our gaming community! Registering is quick and easy. While we do ask for an email, our intent is not to send any emails out, but to prevent bots from taking over our site.

    If you plan to stop by and hang out briefly or have plans for an extended stay we request you have at least a look over of our Code of Conduct.  Everyone who is allowed to associate or be a member of MadCast Gaming is required to follow these CoC rules.

    Please note that you are not required to apply for Full Membership in order to hang out around these parts.  If you wish to just hang around and get to know the folks around before applying for FM, then the most you need to abide by is that of our CoC.  Some people apply right away, and some have taken a year or better to finally decide to apply for FM.  The choice is entirely up to you.

    Thanks again for stopping by MadCast's home on the web.  We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished as a gaming community.  We hope you will decide to join us.  Thanks again for taking the time to read this and we hope you enjoy your time spent here with us.

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