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    Return of the Executive

    MadCast: LTTelamon

    Today, with a fair bit of excitement, MadCast Staff announces the appointment of a new Executive Senior Full Member.

    For some historical background of the position, I refer you to 2008. MadCast existed in the form of divisions formed around each game it played. These divisions were led by Division Leaders who made virtually all day to day decisions in their respective games. Owing to a structure which MadCast's size was not ready for at the time, this hierarchy was altered in 2008 to reflect the needs of the community. The Division Leader position was retired, and the new Executive Senior Full Member position was established and filled by MadCast: Malacca. The position, as intended, is appointed solely by Staff as opposed to the elections required for SFM status and is the representative of Staff in administrative voting, as well as being the highest non-Staff position in MadCast. An indepth summary of the thought process behind the rank can be found here.

    Malacca served well in that position until stepping down in 2011. The position has since remained vacant, in part due to the impressive shoes left to fill by Malacca's efforts, and in part due to either a delegation of some responsibilities to the SFMs or Staff serving in these roles. However, it has become apparent to Staff that at our current stage of development and considering the diverse range of MadCast interests and projects, more high level day-to-day oversight is needed in the admin ranks. As such, today we announce that for the first time since 2011, the ESFM role will once again be filled.

    MadCast's second ESFM appointment is MadCast: Munsa. Munsa has added consistent quality to the SFM ranks since his election to the SFM ranks, and is a consistent and active presence on the Web site, in TeamSpeak, and in MadCast games. He is the current League of Legends Head Admin, and his efforts have included the recent Halloween tournament in addition to several smaller events. In addition to his organizing abilities, his constructive and solid input in administrative threads has long been a hallmark of his admin contributions. Munsa has demonstrated a passion for the continuing success and growth of this community. Staff expects these qualities to become even more pronounced upon his promotion.

    Elections will soon be upon us, and the slot opened by Munsa's promotion will be occupied by a new SFM in the coming cycle. In the meantime, please join me in congratulating the new ESFM, MadCast: Munsa.

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