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    Staff: A Deeper Glimpse

    MadCast Maday

    This is the first part of a multi-part series that will take a more in-depth look at the various ranks within MadCast Gaming. What better place to start than at the very top of the chain, the Staff position? I will cover several of the basics of who are the current Staff as well as some of their basic functions. However, I will also give some personal perspective that perhaps will shed some additional depth and understanding that is perhaps not so commonly documented. All said and done I hope you come away enlightened a bit about our Staff and what the position requires.

    IN THE BEGINNING… alright, perhaps a bit over the top but required information nonetheless. MadCast Gaming was founded by two people: Tort and Maday. As founding members they also became Staff by default. When MadCast was founded in 2007 Staff were pretty much the entire Administration of MadCast to start. Given its size at the time it was really all that was needed. As time progressed so to did the community as well as the ever evolving duties of the Staff position. Some of the basic and important responsibilities have remained the same throughout that evolution.

    The basic duties of Staff:

    • Continuously evaluate the current state of the community.
    • Set short and long term goals to strive for as a community.
    • Agreement among all Staff to equally divide and fund any outstanding balances for MadCast’s continued operation.
    • Agreement among all Staff that the majority of opinions within Staff will end up being the official position of the Staff.

    As the community grew so did the need for additional Administration personnel. MadCast: Scooba was the first person who initially joined as a normal Full Member to become elevated to a Staff position. While we did need some additional bodies to aid in the administration of the community, we also knew that we needed to allow and teach other individuals than just Tort and myself about what being Staff means and the associated work that goes along with it. While a great learning experience for Tort and Myself, Scooba learned plenty from the experience as well. The second person to be elevated to the Staff level who joined as a Full Member is our current Staff member: MadCast: LTTelamon. Even though Scooba and LTTelamon took up the positions within different eras during MadCast’s evolving states I am sure they both can attest that while some of the duties can be exhausting the rewards and sense of pride and friendships gained from said work is entirely worth the investment.

    One of the duties of Staff revolves around setting various goals we would like to see the community accomplish, both short and long term. Part of those goals range from potential game support, infrastructure development, new policy standards, and even the creation of certain standard operating procedures. There have been in times past where some members became frustrated and impatient at times with how long it took Staff to address certain issues. I can assure you that most of us that have been or are Staff simply have a smile but our thoughts conclude on “They just don’t get it”. Mostly what is not understood is the amount of care and complete thought and discussion that goes into the creation of ranks and policies. We have to ensure that whatever rank or policy is not going to undermine our fundamental principles but to also address specific issues and minimize any potential issues said policy might create down the road. Mostly we want to be certain that the work we put into said decisions doesn’t create far more work than it took to solve the issue at hand. You can ask many of our other members that have been among the Admin ranks within MadCast and they will attest to the various walls of text when it comes to various discussions. These walls of text typically get bigger as you get higher up within the Admin ranks. The Staff level is by far not an exception to this fact. As painful as some may be they are still very necessary in order to completely define various aspects of new policies and goals. Another aspect that may affect response time is the view of the proper timing in the grand scheme. Rarely will we drop new policies when Cycle elections are right around the corner. We will mostly opt to get our new cycle up and running and then introduce the new policy.

    A more ongoing responsibility of Staff is the continued evaluation of the state of the community. While this may seem to be pretty simple and straightforward, our methods of doing the evaluation are a bit more involved. We of course have to consider the various short and long term goals we have set for the community as a whole. From there we have to try and establish progress or non-progress to those goals based on what is currently happening in and around MadCast. Staff have managed to evolve and position themselves so that they can clearly evaluate the various inner workings of MadCast, but we are also able to take on a secondary outside the box viewpoint. This becomes crucial in making sure that in the pursuit of our community goals that we are not making ourselves an isolation community. We need to be sure that our public appearance still remains welcoming to those that are looking for a mature and friendly gaming place to call home. Being involved in most of the everyday workings of MadCast can sometimes blind you to the ability to look from the outside which is why the Staff allow the majority of everyday operations be handled by our fellow Admin brethren.

    The final and always ultimate goal for Staff is to put forth our best efforts to ensure that MadCast continues to move forward but also allow MadCast to survive beyond our times as serving as Staff. Staff is a by invite position only, but it is not necessarily a required permanent position upon obtaining the Staff position. Various IRL things come up in people’s lives. That fact is well known to all our members and still rings true even for Staff. From MadCast’s founding we have always been very clear that the current Staff will not always be Staff of MadCast Gaming indefinitely. This holds true even for Tort and myself. Tort and I will always be known as Founders, but our title as Staff is not indefinite. One of our main goals was that MadCast was to be built to survive well beyond an individual. This will always be the case. The time will eventually come where new Staff will be elevated and trained to carry the community forward beyond those that currently hold the Staff title. I guess you could say it’s a part of Staff’s goal or legacy to ensure that MadCast remains a place of maturity and a road less traveled by the gaming masses. A place where camaraderie, friendship, and respect reign as supreme descriptions of what MadCast Gaming is to all of its members for years and years to come.

    I believe I have adequately described in more detail some of the more basic duties required of Staff. While some of the quick details may have been known, I do hope I did shed light on some finer details of the upper workings of Staff. A major point to really take away is that if you have an issue or request that requires the specific attention of the Staff that you simply have some patience with us. There may be a need for discussions to ensure the Community’s best interest is in mind along with our decision to not undermine our basic membership fundamentals here at MadCast Gaming. We are not perfect but we certainly do our best to adhere to our basic principles to try and make the best decision possible. At the end of the day, the Staff position is not for just everyone. It takes a higher degree to dedication, responsibility, self control, and most of all respect.

    If you have any additional questions or curiosities then I do invite you to ask and we are willing to try our best to answer inquiries.

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