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    MadCast Enters The Nexus!

    MadCast: Scooba

    January 13th marked the transition from Alpha to Beta for Blizzard's brawler style MOBA, Heroes of the Storm (HotS). Many members of MadCast are already enjoying the early stages of HotS, and have even held an Admin Rank Tournament to usher in the introduction of Heroes of the Storm.

    Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA with characters spanning from every major Blizzard franchise to date. With Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft having their own long standing sagas it allows Heroes of the Storm a plethora of characters ripe for the picking. We enter beta with 32 Heroes to choose from and a 33rd promised when the servers officially go live. Thrall, the Horde Warchief from the Warcraft universe is our newest hero. With many more heroes constantly in development (many of which Blizzard has not been shy about leaking) we can expect the Hero pool to grow consistently for the foreseeable future. See the beta patch notes for more in-depth details.

    The game-play is unlike any other MOBA. The foundation of HotS is comprised of team fights and map objectives, as opposed to last hitting and lane phases. No game is like the one before it. Heroes do battle on one of 6 maps, (chosen at random and each containing unique objectives), which helps remove that 'grind' feeling after playing a few games. Teams level as a whole instead of individually, eliminating any sort of 'hogging' of XP. Furthermore, Blizzard has explicitly stated that shorter match times are one of their chief goals with Heroes, meaning matches are often under 25 minutes. Never before has it been easier to hop in for a game and get out. Finally, there are no items in Heroes of the Storm. Heroes are empowered through each match by making selections from a talent tree as the team gains levels.

    So how do you get in?

    Sign into your Battle.net account and make sure you have Heroes of the Storm checked under Beta Settings. Beta invites are going out regularly so keep checking your account for access. Heroes supports solo play, team play, solo ranked, and soon to be released team ranked. There is something for just about every type of MOBA player.

    You can check out our new HotS forum and be on the lookout for new content regularly. Everything from the weekly hero rotation to guides on your favorite maps and heroes.

    We look forward to seeing you in the Nexus!

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