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    The Power of the Three

    MadCast Maday

    Due to recent MadCast membership activity, we are adjusting the number of our upper Admin ranks to better adjust with our actual number of active members. With that Staff have decided to vacate the ESFM rank until the community is of a more proper size that warrants a person to actually be holding the ESFM position. The ESFM position was meant to help Staff oversee a larger Admin pool, and with our decrease in numbers over the past couple years we just don't have the need at this time for the position when Staff and SFMs can respectively handle the amounts of duties the ESFM was handling. The need and purpose for the position in its return is explained plenty well enough HERE.


    Along with the vacating of the ESFM position Staff have opted to restrengthen and redistribute the Staff powers back into a state where deadlocks are no longer possible and each have their equal share of voting power. Staff have opted to offer a Staff position to the current ESFM, MadCast: Munsa. Munsa, during his 2 years holding and maintaining the ESFM position since its return has shown many times his dedication to this community and its continued existence and growth. He has fulfilled the ESFM role and what Staff had wanted the position to become with it's return all the while still given some great viewpoints by which Staff welcomed his opinion into the creation and ongoing operations of MadCast Gaming.


    The various current duties of Staff are outlined a bit more in detail HERE. The responsibilities and expectations Munsa has agreed to upon his accepting of the invitation to a Staff position will remain no different than those of us that currently hold the Staff position. Now historically there have only been 3 Staff at given times. With the addition of Munsa to Staff we are also making known an adjustment as to how the Staff will work and operate even with 4 people officially holding the rank of Staff. Normally with 3 Staff, if a Staff member were to go on a LoA, then said Staff member will pass their voting power to one of the 2 active Staff to ensure the Staff voting power still remains constant. With the addition of the 4th Staff we will no longer be shifting Staff voting power as long as there are 3 active Staff. This now allows a built in redundancy that can allow and accommodate IRL circumstances that arise and will allow a Staff to step away on a LoA without a worry that their absence may hold up any ongoing MadCast Administrative duties.


    So please join us in congratulating MadCast: Munsa in his promotion to a Staff position. Congratulations, sir and well deserved.


    I would also like to make a point very clear that when MadCast's membership gets to a larger number we will refill the ESFM position once it becomes needed. The ESFM will return.


    The next cycle elections set to kick off at the beginning of 2016, the FMs will still be voting for 4 SFMs. Staff has agreed that the SFM should not fall below 4 SFMs in order to maintain our proper built-in balances within our voting procedures.


    Thank you for your time in reading this and wish all of you a safe and enjoyable Holiday break. MadCast will be breaking from Dec 21 (post Town Hall) until Jan 4. During this time there are no official events and Administrative needs are delayed until we resume.

    Edited by MadCast Maday

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    EEEEEEEEYYYYYY! Congratulations Munsa! Very much well deserved. Now you can move people all over the place in the channels and kick ass and chew bubblegum :laugh:

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