Pokémon Incense Catching

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In order to participate you must reply to this post declaring which time slot(s) you are signing up for and confirming that you have read and understand all of the rules. On Saturday you must pay the entry fee of 1,000 pokecoins to me at the beginning of the event and I will purchase the incense at each start time. You can show up the day of the event and request a slot, but you will have less priority than anyone that signed up on the website even if they signed up for more than one slot. I also recommend showing up early to make sure you don't miss any of the timer. If you are not there on time to contribute I will make up the difference to buy the incense for everyone else and you will still have to pay to join after the hour starts. If there are not at least 5 others paid and ready at the start of the hour I am not going to make up that much of a difference and that time frame will be cancelled.

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