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  4. @MadCast: Jay has been given the FM Event host award for running the Among Us event 11/21/2020.
  5. On Nov 21 2020, the new Destiny 2 raid Deep Stone Crypt released. Our raid team, made up of @MadCast: Mandalorian, @MadCast: The Prince, @MadCast: Qrow, @MadCast: NastyTaxi, and associates @Judd and @Trout, made it through the raid in the first 24 hours. Congrats to the team on their completion, not just in the first 24 hours but in the first 12. I think their final time was 11 hours and 50 minutes in the raid before completing it. Way to go, team!
  6. The World Next Door and Elite Dangerous are free from Epic Games this week!
  7. I'm really excited to attend your first host, Jay!
  8. Hi everyone! Qrow will be on a trip to Europa this weekend, so I will be your captain for this excursion. Planning to play a bit of regular Among Us on Polus and maybe try out a 'One Voter Mode'! -MadCast: Jay
  9. Jackbox 4 & 5, specifically Fibbage, Survive the Internet, Mad Verse City and possibly Monster Seeking Monster
  10. There will be the socializing, on this of the Saturdays. Jackbox shall rear its head once more with some warmup Fibbage, Survive the Internet, Mad Verse City, and mayhaps some Monster Seeking Monster 😏 Last one there is a space hamster!
  11. Hi everyone! Qrow will be on a trip to Europa this weekend, so I will be your captain for this excursion. Planning to play a bit of regular Among Us on Polus and maybe try out a 'One Voter Mode' I saw the other day! One Voter Mode: Crewmates and Impostors play as normal during the rounds. When a meeting is called, a person is randomly selected to be the voter. The assigned voter is the only person allowed to vote for the round! (Time will be limited so we don't just all have to vibe there forever!) Everyone can make their case to the voter, however, their vote is the only one that counts. Hope to see you guys there!!
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  13. That's disheartening to see, but with some good things. It's one less presence for us as a community to manage in game. It was great to rep MadCast via tags, but I don't think I'll ever be changing my IGN away from MadCast Epic. It will be good to centralize onto discord (away from Riot's League client) and hopefully encourage more text based League players to be open to external communities.
  14. no community allowed 😡 - rito games
  15. Y'all probably heard, but Riot is getting rid of clubs. It was fun rocking the [MCG] tags with you guys! 😭
  16. I hate that I only get to pick 1. Milk is situational! You need regular milk for dipping most cookies, but just milk by itself is gonna have to be a chocolate.
  17. We will be playing TRAAB at 8pm EST. Check the TRAAB 11/18/2020 Event post for more information!
  18. Howdy howdy! (Read in an announcer voice, like the one from Avatar: Legend of Korra, it's fun!) If Among Us does not provide enough social deduction, destroying friendships, and murder for everyone, fear not!! Two Rooms and a Boom is back, and offers you all the lying, sneakiness, and death you crave. Join us on Wednesday at 8pm EST for a grand time, and help your team win! For those who do not know how to play, or who need a refresher, here's how to play: The rules for the game are simple- Everyone is separated into two (Discord) Voice Channels, and teams are randomly assigned, with one person being the President on the Blue team, and one person being the Bomber on the Red team. In this tense hostage situation, you can trust no one- and the elected leader of each room will send one (or more people) as a trade between rooms as people desperately try to figure out who is working for who, where the President is, and more importantly, where is the bomb?! After 3-6 rounds of typically less than 5 minutes, the final trade occurs. If the Bomber is where the President is, the Blue team loses. If the President and the bomber are in two different rooms, then the red team loses. A more thorough explanation will be provided at game time. Games typically take less than thirty minutes, and I'm looking forward to getting as many people together as possible and getting as many rounds in as we feel like. Please post below to show your interest and help me get a good idea of the size of the crowd we'll see that day. Instructions and Rules: Goal: Blue Team- At the end of the game, for the President to not share a room with the bomber. Red Team- At the end of the game, for the President to share a room with the bomber. Gambler- At the end of the game, before the team victory is announced, they must predict who will win publicly. If correct, the Gambler wins with that team. How to Play: The group will be divided into equal groups and separated into two Discord rooms. Everyone is given a character card. This is considered secret info unless shared. A 3 minute (or longer) timer is started. The following occurs: 1. A leader is selected. The first person nominated by someone other than themselves becomes the leader of that room. Leaders may be deposed/changed by the current leader giving leadership to a willing player, or by a majority vote of confidence. You can call for the replacement leader to be yourself, unlike the original nomination of a leader. Leaders choose who hostages are each round, but cannot choose themselves. Myself and any chosen volunteers will be in rooms to verify these changes. 2. During the 3+ minutes of the round, you converse with the people in the room with you. You may speak publicly in voice, you may show the entire room your card by announcing your color and role, or you may private message/query anyone IN your room in Discord to privately share cards or discuss teams. The rules at this time: You must stay in that (discord channel) room unless you move to the other room as a hostage later. If you ask to share cards, you must share cards both ways- there is no 'tricking' someone into telling you their card and not telling them back. You can ONLY share cards with someone in your room. If you are later in different rooms, please refrain from messaging that person again for the duration of that game/your time in different rooms. If there are 10 or more players, you may share only the color instead of the whole card (color and role). If you set up color and role, you must show color and role back. You are welcome to lie, bluff, mislead, organize, etc. as much as you want, but you must be completely honest when sharing cards with someone as a trade. (e.g. you can tell the entire room that you are blue, or you can try to get the room to share colors verbally, but if you and someone else are going to share cards, you must TELL THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH about your color and role (unless only sharing color in a 10+ person game). 3. When the round timer ends, Leaders pick 1 hostage (potentially more in a large game- I will instruct if different) to trade rooms. Leaders cannot pick themselves. When leaders have figured out who to trade, the trade happens, and a 2 minute (or longer) timer begins. The third round is 1 (or more) minutes long. More rounds, or longer rounds, may be instituted to facilitate better play in a voice server vs. a physical house as needed. You will be aware of any changes to the rules. 4. We determine who wins by having the President, the Bomber, and everyone else reveal who they are. Event Date: 11/18/2020 08:00 PM View full event
  19. Hey guys. As a part of our ongoing Discord reorganization project: I have removed all Channel/Section subscription in our server. This means you will be able to see and interact with all public channels in our Discord. The #welcome message is still available to be used to subscribe to roles, and all this will provide is the ability to be 'pinged' or notified by people who are looking to get your attention. Thanks.
  20. Hello all! I just wanted to make a quick post to notify you that our Code of Conduct has been updated. The line that formerly read: People will not be called racist or religious slurs of any kind. Now reads: The use of derogatory phrases or slurs: racist, religious, sexist, homophobic, etc., will not be tolerated. This is mostly a modernization update. It was made mainly to clear up an ambiguity of the CoC's reach, and is not necessarily going to change enforcement in a noticeable manner. Thank you all for taking the time to read, and have a great evening!
  21. What day were you thinking about having this and how long would the session(s) be? If my schedule fits, I'd love to join. As of now, the only days I am free are Tuesday nights and Friday nights. Thanks!
  22. Reverse Among Us (no talking during rounds)
  23. Greetings space beans. This weekend, we will be in constant communication, except for during meetings. That's right, reverse Among Us. The main rules are 1) no talking when dead, or making death sounds, and 2) no talking during a meeting, starting as soon as button or body is called. See you all on Sunday!
  24. If you are looking for people, and it could be made to work with my schedule, I would be game, though I would dislike to take the spot of someone who has not played before. My experience with D&D began with Living D&D, and have played 1-2 times a week since the end if such.
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