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  2. As is tradition, at the beginning of a new cycle we look back on the previous cycle and recognize our Ranking Full Members for all the hard work they put in to make our community a wonderful place to not only play games, but also connect and make lifelong friends. The Outstanding RFM award serves to recognize an RFM who gave exemplary effort throughout the past cycle. The Outstanding RFM of Cycle XXXIV is @MadCast: doublestufforeo (AKA DSO). DSO has done an exemplary job at growing the Destiny 2 community within MadCast by breathing new life into our player-base and bringing in new recruits. He has shown great patience with players of varied experience, and is always down to help folks with whatever they need help with. I may be the Head Admin of Destiny 2, but DSO is the heart that pumps blood into that area of the community. On top of all of the work he has put into Destiny, he's also stepped up to run League of Legends Mafia in Dez's absence and has done an excellent job engaging and educating the community with the Celebrating Pride thread. These efforts have not gone unnoticed. I think I speak for the entire community by saying that we are happy to have him as a member of our admin team. As such, please join Staff and the SFM team's in congratulating MadCast: doublestufforeo, Outstanding RFM of Cycle XXXIV.
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  4. It is an interesting idea, for sure. The question is whether or not Hubert shared his dream with the rest of the organization. With the information he gleaned, especially if he can give a decent recounting of the architecture, the history buffs around may be able to pick up more information to help on our search with that.
  5. Red brings up an interesting idea, finding a place in a different location. If it pleases and sparkles with the team, we could finish the chapter in this region, and you guys could take your stack and go found a new HQ in a new region of the empire that is, as yet, a blank space in our collective heads.
  6. Legoless would much prefer the higher-quality comforts made available from a fancier home/BoO, though he doesn't fancy the thought of an apparently doomed tavern at the edge of the deep crevice. Any place with a top-tier kitchen setup would also draw his fancy, but anything is better than the current tent city we are all occupying. Therefore he is impatient to settle somewhere that wouldn't require as much repair efforts prior to being livable.
  7. For the past two months, Hubert the IV has experienced a reoccurring dream. Somewhere to the north- or was it west? Directions are always challenging outside the flow of time- somewhere nearby lies a ruin of a once ornate castle. As Hubert approaches the castle, the ghost of a strange old Vedalkan appears to greet him. The Vedalkan introduces himself as Algar, a long-dead artificer and warlock who tied part of his soul to the castle. He shows Hubert the castle as it once was, with vaulted ceilings, beautiful stained glass windows, and a laboratory where he conducted all of his magical research in service of his patron. Algar is vague about who his patron was and what research he was doing, but he assures Hubert that he has been waiting all these years for a special someone- someone like Hubert the IV. He entreats Hubert to find the castle and restore it, with promises that he will not be disappointed by what he finds within. - Proposing we go find this castle and fix it up. The castle is unpredictable and full of secrets, though not usually unfriendly. Over time we may discover secret rooms, experimental objects or creatures, notes, and other mysteries. On the flip side, the castle acts as a wild magic zone, and its effects on us are unpredictable until we fully restore it and unlock all of its secrets.
  8. I like the concept of the Ruined Bailey for the forge, and the free inspiration for initiative. But perhaps we should look into coming up with our own concept? If we could get every one of the 15 current members of Interlopers Inc. to donate even 750g (Of course, more is better!), we could easily have more than the 8grand minimum needed here and can make something better! We should figure out what, if anything anybody needs to be able to do any secondary skills they have. Like, for me, the forge and/or an arcane workshop style thing would be great, as it would allow Drake a place to tinker with the crazy contraptions he deals with. Anything else anyone would need? If we cna get a list together, we can go to the main man and see how much it would cost us overall.
  9. Date of Purchase: 1/26/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 225 gold Gold After Purchase: 81 gold, 96 copper 1 book of poetry - 25 gp 1 lantern, hooded - 5 gp 1 magnifying glass - 100 gp 1 dagger - 2 gp 1 mirror, steel - 5 gp 5 flasks of oil - 5 sp 1 vial of perfume (cedar, vanilla, and hints of cinnamon) - 5 gp 1 sealing wax - 5 sp 1 insect repellent salve - 1 gp 2 soap - 4 cp
  10. I'm sorry, the servers have been taken down due to a long period of inactivity as stated here:
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  12. Date of Purchase: 1/21/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 1,818 gold, 25 silver Gold After Purchase: 1,363 gold, 19 silver, 7 copper Bjorna's Bucklered Bitsticker - 300 gp The service of adding silver-plating to my rapier - 100 gp A to-be-determined amount of rats - ? (to be edited later) 1 bar of soap - 2 cp 1 candle - 1 cp 1 components pouch - 25 gp 1 container of sealing wax - 5 sp 1 glass bottle - 2 gp 1 net - 1 gp 2 sprigs of mistletoe - 2 gp 1 vial of holy water - 25 gp
  13. If Lord Captain Kwame I saw this, he would be reading other people's private diaries.
  14. So just a little background. I'm DMing a campaign based on the Acquisitions Incorporated book for some of my friends at home. @MadCast: RedJustice brought it up a few times last night and some of the roles that you can have as a member of the company. I figured I'd share some of that here with you guys. If you can't watch the video, this doc has the roles and what they get to do. I haven't read it in entirety, but skimming it does seem to have most of the info from the campaign book.
  15. Lord Captain Kwame, would hate strongly dislike Hubert even more if he saw this.
  16. Adrel, It is with deep excitement and affection that I entrust a new chapter of my storied life to your eager pages. The recent setback in regards to the Antiquities Emporium was but a momentary mirage on the continuum of my joyous life. I have taken up a new pastime- I am an adventurer! Yes, despite my lack of prior experience, it appears I am practically an adventuring savant. No doubt you are unsurprised, but I must say it was rather more pleasant than I imagined, based on histories I have read. Perhaps I am simply better at it than most. At any rate, I inquired with a local nobleman who has garnered a reputation as a patron of adventurers. Naturally, he immediately recognized my innate talent and assigned me a retinue of well-intentioned commoners to assist me on a noble quest to rid a local village of a monstrous spider. One of them is a bard, a shrewd move by this noble benefactor no doubt, as many will pay to hear songs of my feats. The poor commonfolk there were terrified out of their minds, as the foul beast had slain several of their companions and any number of livestock. They were so relieved to see me that they plied me and my retinue with drink and food. The local mayor also recognized my noble heritage amongst the pedestrian countenances of the adventurers sent to accompany me, and spoke freely of his fears. That evening, we spent the night camping on a local farm that had fallen victim to the beast's raids on a few occasions. Indeed, the beast arrived to snatch another happless cow, but was frightened off at the sight of me. My retinue was afraid to press on in the dark, which is natural for commoners such as them. The bedroll provided to me was extraordinarily uncomfortable for a culutred individual like myself, and alas, I have never had the occasion to learn a spell for such circumstances. I shall make it an immediate priority to research one. Nonetheless, my bravery prevailed against the hardship, and the night passed without further event. The following morning, I traveled through a forest for some time, before encountering a clearing of strange fungi. One of my men retrieved a chest therein, and I availed myself of a pair of pristine boots. In my generosity, I shared the rest of the contents with my retinue, as I have read this is an excellent leadership tactic. Though weary, I led my party onward, deeper into the ancient forest. We heard a frightful racket and came across gruesome battlescene- for the beast had slain a band of happless goblins. The beast thought to spring on us unaware, but I spotted it and led a fearless assault against the spider. It soon fled in terror, greatly weakened by our brave efforts. Though my retinue was frightened, I inspired them on, until we reached the spider's lair. Any ordinary elf would have fled at the sight, but I tell you Adrel- I was invigorated! I made short work of the beast, which turned out to be no beast at all, but an unfortunate druid that succumbed to the base instincts of its shapeshifted form. I desired to take her under my tutelage, as it were, as I am sorely in need of an assistant. However, my retinue believed it best to dispatch her immediately, as she had already done great harm. I allowed the popular sentiment to prevail- another excellent leadership strategy. I will have to find an assistant elsewhere, I suppose. Quest complete, I led my men and lady bard from the forest to claim our reward. I confess, it was much easier than anticipated, and everyone thinks me a great hero. I suffered not a single scratch, however, as news of my heroics spread, I suspect I will be beseiged with requests to lead more dangerous adventures. With this in mind, I commissioned the artificer in my band, Drax I, to forge me a custom weapon, and visited the Osmund family library to research spells that may be of use to me in the future. Alas, the quest for more comfortable bedding continues, but I did encounter a thorough description of the mechanisms of a spell to procure magical armor. I will continue my research as my social calendar allows. Already the local noble ladies are clamoring for me to recount my harrowing adventure. Hubert IV of House Starfall
  17. RANKED Jinx outplays Malphite.webm @MadCast: Qrow and I were playing some duo-queue and I managed a pretty nice outplay vs this full AP Malphite, even though I'm pretty sure his ult missed me before I even flashed.
  18. Date of Purchase (Posting): 1/21/20 Gold Before Purchase: 454 gold, 6 silver, 12 copper Gold After Purchase: 303 gp, 9 sp, 5 cp Ball bearings (bag of 1,000) 1 gp Bell 1 gp — Blanket 5 sp 3 lb. Bottle, glass 2 gp 2 lb. Caltrops (bag of 20) 1 gp 2 lb. Candle 1 cp — Chain (10 feet) 5 gp 10 lb. Chalk (1 piece) 1 cp — Crowbar 2 gp 5 lb. Fishing tackle 1 gp 4 lb. Flask 2 cp 1 lb. Grappling hook 2 gp 4 lb. Hammer 1 gp 3 lb. Ink (1 ounce bottle) 10 gp — Ink pen 2 cp — Jug 2 cp 4 lb. Lantern, bullseye 10 gp 2 lb. Manacles 2 gp 6 lb. Oil (flask) 1 sp 1 lb. Pick, miner’s 2 gp 10 lb. Piton 5 cp 1/4 lb. Pot, iron 2 gp 10 lb. 2 Potion of Healing 100 gp 1/2 lb. Pouch 5 sp 1 lb. Sack 1 cp 1/2 lb. Shovel 2 gp 5 lb. Signal whistle 5 cp — Soap 2 cp — Spikes, iron (10) 1 gp 5 lb. Tinderbox 5 sp 1 lb. Vial 1 gp — Whetstone 1 cp 1 lb.
  19. OP has been updated with a personalized thank you note from our sponsored child
  20. Thursday is here again. That means it time for some in house games with lane breakdowns at the end of the matches. We will be adding a rule fer League of Learning going forward from now on (many of you will know I've been implementing this rule as of late already) but there will be no level 1 invades. This is just something that tends to destroy games when they happen, especially if one team walks away with 2 or 3 kills because of it. Some of you might argue "its part of the game and is a legit tactic. People should be prepared for it." Yes I agree its something people should be aware of and prepare for. My counter argument to this would be that when you are making games in pre-made groups of 5 you tend to remake and redraft if things go drastically wrong early in the game. As we do not do this I'm not going to be putting a stop to the level 1 invades. This gives people a more stable opening to the game and generally prevents people from tilting off the face of the earth at 2 minutes in. If you guys have any questions or concerns please feel free to bring them up to me and I will field any questions you have.
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  22. I will be donating 1,500 gold towards the goal. My vote is for the Ruined Bailey.
  23. I am inquiring as to the availability and cost of purchasing roughly 384 female rats, and at least 50 male rats.
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