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  2. More info here!
  3. 4/04 - Event Not Found Just kidding, we're gonna be playing lots of and Jackbox games this Saturday, starting at 8p EST! These games are FREE to play and fun to watch, so everyone is welcome to hang out however they want to. Rounds are short and people will be rotated in and out so that anyone interested is able to get the opportunity to play.
  4. I'd love to join in on the April 7th (Tuesday) 8pm session. Mordendra - lvl 3 Oath of the Watcher Paladin
  5. Raz - 6th Level Dread Hand Pugilist Sunday April 5th
  6. Valii Softfoot (Level 5 Scout Rogue) would like to sign up for Sunday April 5th @10PM Though her player is actually quite flexible for both days the module is being ran, and if it suits other people, can also do the Tuesday day as well. Trade must flow, and Valii will do all she can (to better the Softfoot and Daughter trading co name).
  7. Ongoing LD&D sessions.
  8. Ongoing LD&D sessions.
  9. As Legoless walked down the well-trodden road he rubbed again at his eyes and tried to shake off the lingering lethargy. Despite collapsing in his cot exhausted last night, he hadn't slept well and his mind still felt greatly unsettled by what he had witnessed. Titian had spoken of taking Redrick to the small charity organization to recover from the traumatic experience, and Legoless wanted to meet with the deacon and perhaps gain some more explanation as to what occurred to help ease his own mind. As more and more traffic converged on the main highway, Legoless held his cloak closer to his body to conceal his rather heavy coin purse from any would-be theft. He was pretty certain that Visage would also keep it safe, but caution was always the wiser choice. The streets that lead up towards Mado Curas were rather busy in the morning, as local farmers and craftsmen brought their wares in towards the marketplace. There were also a few run-down wagons that brought in groups of laborers to work on the repairs around the city, with even more that followed behind on foot. They lived about half-mile away in a tent city of their own, and had to be taxied in and out every day. Seeing his destination ahead, Legoless broke off from the crowd right outside of the gates and turned down a short side path leading to the humble building of the Ko'Mai'Nu. In the yard before the building a kind-looking woman was supervising a small crew of people who were serving a simple morning porridge with meager slices of bread to the laborers that stopped on their way in to the city. He composed his face into a nonchalant but polite expression as he approached her, crossing his left arm to his right shoulder as he bowed his head in greeting. "Sorry to bother you when you're hard at work madame, but my name is Legoless Erenaur and I have come here in search of my companion, a wise tortle named Titian. Could you advise me to the best course of action I may take to find him, if he be here?"
  10. Thank you for being my guinea pigs. This was my first time running CoC and second time running anything on Roll20, so thank you for your patience with certain things.
  11. Tons of fun thanks for letting me join
  12. Legoless, 3/31/2020, 1,000 gold, 1 downtime, choosing the Thuderwave and Water Walk spells.
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  14. Date of Purchase (Posting): 3/30/2020 Gold Before Purchase: 5296gp Gold After Purchase: 5191gp Items purchased: Grappling Hook - 2gp Bag of Ball bearings (1000 count) - 1gp 2x Potion of Healing - 100gp Iron Spikes (10 pack) - 1gp 12lbs of flour - 1gp
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  16. Continuation of the Dark Matter "One-Shot" 😉 hosted by @MadCast: Kal
  17. MadCast Town Halls are meetings where community representatives and general administration will be present to give reports and answer questions from the community. The next Town Hall will be in our Discord April 6th, 2020 @ 9PM Eastern. Admins will be available to answer questions and concerns that you all may have as well as give you all an opportunity to speak about things you all would like to bring to the community as well. I look forward to seeing y'all there!
  18. Continuation of Kal's session from March 29th, 2020 with Starlight, Cloud, CloudsHusband, and MajorHoward.
  19. 800xp for the session, post has been updated with next session. Appreciate any feedback
  20. Lighthouse in Skattermaw Basin The Bluffs from Nekrotafeyo
  21. Happy to offer up Sol as an alternate, level 4 Divine Soul Sorceror (Buffs, Heals and Dmg)
  22. Same thing @MadCast: Suixide22. Although I'd almost be willing to put on a skirt if it means I can level my Paladin up some! lol. Sorry to hear your suffering @MadCast: RedJustice. Hope things get better for you soon.
  23. I would have volunteered much earlier, but was told I disqualified.
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    Monthly Townhall Meeting for April of 2020.
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