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  2. I down. Have to rebuild
  3. How much have we raised toward the goal of the headquarters? We also have 2 ogres that lower our by costs 10%.
  4. Bringing this one back up because the next campaign was just announced -- Guns, Love, and Tentacles - The Marriage of Wainright and Hammerlock. This is pretty monumental for the video game industry. The normalization of marriage between to people of the same sex is a milestone I didn't think I'd be seeing in games. I hope it inspires people and helps them further recognize the queer community as valid. I am so incredibly proud of Gearbox and what they're doing with Borderlands 3. Also for those of you who were waiting, it releases on Steam with this expansion, just FYI.
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  6. MadCast time is EST, so all times posted in any of the threads should be considered EST unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  7. Tuesday (3-3-2020) at 9pm EST I'm going to run an open door event for Wolcen. Its a new action RPG game that I consider a middle ground between Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. It has a less complicated and easier to reset talent system than PoE and it has the fast pace battle style that both games have. Its a very early release game so there are still plenty of bugs but the game is still very fun and the story is, I think, rather entertaining. Even if there is not as much there yet. If you have any questions, suggestions or would just like to focus on anything in particular feel free to get a hold of me. It is an open door event so you can jump in any time you like. MadCast: Quanta has found a wonderful Wolcen Builds site that can help you get a general build path started in the game and a bit of an idea of how the builds work. Stop by and find a build that suits you.
  8. I'm looking to put together a night where I can group up with some friends and power level newer players, run map expeditions or just power level your city resources. I wanted to throw this out there to see who wants to join in. I've been helping @MadCast: RacerDelux level up and get the story line finished up. I'd be more than happy to help anyone else out as well. I'd like to do this Tuesday night (3-3-2020) at about 9pm EST, our standard event time for most things. I'll be putting something in the Events section as well. Drop a comment here or the event thread if your interested!
  9. I think that we can distill this down to Magical Enchanter Smithy Garden (Druid Grove) Dining Hall Chapel Stables Training Grounds (Instead of Theater because we are using the school as a general example but not building a school) Then we can get all Aperture Science Laboratories with Portals People were wanting the garden, I like that it can be alternatively a druid grove because for my character that opens up some cool stuff but the other features of being a garden still apply.
  10. Oh yeah, the trailer for the expansion is kinda dope too.
  11. If anyone is interested in popping in to play, it's free this weekend and is 95% off if you wanna pick it up. A new expansion is dropping this month that is making some pretty solid changes to the game so I figure I'll pop in as well. If you are interested, check it out HERE. It's free. You'll get to play with me and some of my semi-capable associates like @MadCast: JigglesTheFett AND should you decide you want to buy it, the game will only set you back $3. What do you have to lose?
  12. I'd agree mostly with this and Quanta's list, but I do think a training grounds of sorts would be really valuable and I think it's a bigger priority over the Druidic Grove considering the amount of players who will gain benefit. Basically, swap the Training Grounds and Grove on the list, and we can invest in 3 room points to build the grove and portal room in the same addition afterwards.
  13. Sol wasn't happy. The past day hadn't gone badly as such, but the party had burned a lot of spells and the worry that they had alerted the camp was clear. They had wiped a party and captured a hobgoblin, but the news wasn't great. The camp had ogres, multiple hobbos and perhaps more captains. The one they leading the patrol boosted his underlings, probably through fear but the effect was clear. The captains could exaggerate the threat of those with them. They had moved north of the camp from where they had encountered the patrol, resting up the group decided to attempt to lure another patrol in whittle away the fort. But this was not to be, before nightfall a flare went up and up....and up. Perhaps a 1000ft up and larger than any other Sol had heard reports about. So we gathered and chatted. Rhogar quietly spoke up, he wanted to commune to his god and I wonder are our gods the same? Regardless the former Dragonborn walked around, picking up and discarding sticks while humming or singing a soft prayer. Casting these sticks down they fell, then floated softly down in the moonlight Muttering to himself for a while, he then straightened and let us know the result of his plea. “Weal and Woe.” The future was unclear but that elf, the one that had smiled during the fight with the patrol. Well, he was smiling again and it was...unnerving. Still the decision was made to approach the hobo camp and so we did, huddling in the trees well before first light a plan was drawn up. Someone had noticed that the moat filled with foul fecal matter and oily water was not blocked with traps and spikes on the north western side. Belial the elf made an assured statement that he would be able to take care of the hobbos in the tower above this potential route in to the camp. A plan was quickly formed, Rhodrigo, somewhat ironically, would cast silence on the watchtower and then Belial would carry out his claim to kill. He did, I was shocked but we moved forward with the plan. Everyone bar Rhodrigo chose to leap the moat, and did so successfully. Perhaps because we all saw Rhodrigo dropping and having to swim through 10 or more foot of filth. I stayed behind, waiting to employ my legacy but knowing that I would then be a beacon. As the rest of the party, including a particularly filthy Rhodrigo (I must remember to thank him for casting silence and muting his own complaints), pushed forward in to the camp Belial again sprang in to action. His short bow rang out while his dagger sung forth. Hobgoblins dropped and so I launched. A strange hobgoblin appeared to be in command and deflected my divine blast. But again and again the enemies fell, to Rhogar’s axes, Belial’s blade and bow and perhaps Rhodrigo’ stench doing its own part. Opening myself up as I had yet to be targeted, I rained down my predecessors fire on the suited hobbo. And we were victorious! Not one of us had been damaged so much as Rhodrigo’s fine shirt. We regrouped but the two Ogres threw down their weapons and sought parlay. With Rhodrigo and Aery persuading them we offered them a home, some gold and a purpose, and they came with us. I was glad not to walk ‘home’, but the Ogres didnt smell as bad as Rhodrigo. OOC: Per Cloud's post, we now have Ogre servants for the HQ!
  14. Can I respectfully request any other color than pink? It doesn't really matter, just personal preference.
  15. This post is for exchanging and selling magic items. Post your username, character name, magic item you're wanting to trade, and item you're looking to gain. For Example: Player - MadCast: Icarus Character - Rodrigo Magic Item - +5 Sword of the Badass Looking for trade or sell for 1,000gp. ***Example only Rodrigo does not have a +5 Sword of the Badass.
  16. I'd be down for some things: Helldivers SC2 Coop I could pick up L4D2, though I never really played much of it before...
  17. Hnnnng, I will keep working on it. Good thing, Icarus has confirmed for the 16th and I believe Chibi is joining, plus perhaps another!
  18. I think either something is wrong or I am doing something wrong, I tried to open up my roll 20 character sheet, and with the exception of a few buttons and four of five words, but no character sheet.
  19. OK, just waiting on @MadCast: Icarus out of the existing players but for the rest of you have character sheets so you can add in your stats for ease of rolling should you wish to roll via R20
  20. if you feel like this is a game you could bring 3+ additional people into, maybe stream it/record it, create some content. maybe it can transform into another version of table top. see where it can take you. I'd be happy to help you organize it. I can say i'm not personally included in this, but killing floor 2 has a few people that semi regularly play. that could be a pretty easy one to start with.
  21. Kato 3rd level Druid of the Moon/1st Life Domain Cleric for Session 1
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