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  2. i'm interested if there are any open spots. i am professionalidiot78#5900. i'm free anytime on Sunday. in general i have a pretty open schedule.
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  4. My ear infection is too bad for me to participate today, though I hoped it would be well enough. Hopefully someone else can take my place and I can participate in a future one.
  5. You can run from a lot of shit, but you can't escape your own skin. FULL SONG LINK
  6. june 5th 8est i will be running a dnd campaign that spans lvl1-20, you can make your own character or have one premade the choice is yours. "Also known as the Long Continent, Omeria is the humanoid dominant continent on the planet Casar. In the far north, the Rasgax Highlanders protect the lower lands from the horrors that hide in the ice and snow. Central Omeria is divided by two great features: the Basilisk’s Spine Mountains and the Three Great Wastelands, Desolation of Ditimaya, The Obsidian Plain, and The Wither. Major city states cling to the coastlines in this region. To the far south, the Nation of Odonburg utilizes the innate magic of emerald odonburgite gems to enhance their technology" I will allow pretty much anything character /class wise so if you want to be something that is in unearthed arcana or playtest content just let me know and show it to me and all will be well. look forward to seeing you guys on the 5th, please sign up below thank you, i f you have any questions or concerns please dont be shy reach out to me on discord or here on the forums!
  7. This post is dedicated to George Floyd, in Minneapolis MN, Breonna Taylor, in Louisville KY, Ahmaud Arbery in Glynn County, GA, Tony McDade in Tallahassee, FL, Dion Johnson in Phoenix, AZ and every Black life taken too soon through bigotry and racial discrimination. Black Lives Matter, today and everyday. // LGBTQ communities know that liberation is not a given; it is fought for. We celebrate June as Pride Month, because it commemorates, in part, our resisting police harassment and brutality at Stonewall in New York City, and earlier in California. We remember it as a breakthrough moment when we refused to accept humiliation and fear as the price of living fully, freely, and authentically. We remember it was trans women of color who led the riots at Stonewall, catalyzing a national movement. As LGBTQ people from many races, many religions, and many colors, we know what it is to stand up for our inherent worth, our identities, our bodies, and to speak out against discrimination, harassment and violence. Countless times LGBTQ people and organizations have organized, agitated and taken action to demand institutional equity and respect for our lives. We are called to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all struggles to fight racism, to ensure the end of ruthless murders of Black people, and to call attention to the pervasive culture of white supremacy in the United States. · Every 28 hours a Black person is killed by the police or vigilantes in the United States. The average life expectancy of a Black transgender woman is 35 years. In 2013, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence programs reported that 72 percent of hate crimes were against trans women, 89 percent of whom were transgender women of color. Not long ago, police also openly targeted and beat white gay and gender nonconforming people, and the authorities ignored it. The government and social structures that made these beatings “normal” for all gays and lesbians are the same structures of violence that have made it “normal” for the state to rape, kill, incarcerate, and enslave Black people for over 400 years. · We are reminded and hold true the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies … but the silence of our friends.” We will not be silent. Show your support for Black Lives Matters protesters across the country.
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  9. This might just be me, but I think Fibbage Enough About You would be fun, it's in pack 4 as part of Fibbage 3. It's like an icebreaker game, round one you say something true about you and other people guess what it is, round two you give 1 truth and 1 lie and people have to pick which they think is true. Of course, if the question is too personal you could preface that you've made it a silly answer.
  10. What's up party people? Drop in this week at 8 and help us try out the rest of the new games in pack 4 and 5! FYI this week will be the last regular Saturday for this event for a while unfortunately. Next week will start a temporary swap to Sundays, but we will also start a bit earlier so that people can participate and still get to bed before curfew. 😉
  11. Are you looking for general opinions, or only opinions from people that will be participating in your campaign?
  12. Great job this cycle. You deserve it. Looking forward to more game nights and all your D&D ideas!
  13. So i am going to be running a campaign , it is going to be lengthy and fun, with all manner of intrigue assassinations, lost at sea, sunken temples, brothels, snake ladys friends foes, love war. whatcha think would be best let me know ❤️
  14. @MadCast: Starlight is starting a new tabletop game using Theater of the Mind and Roll20. All of the details are available here.
  15. Works for me. As an aside, I added a couple more things for you all to have available when we start to the Dropbox folder. One of them is a reference guide and the other is a relationship map. The relationship map, you won't have to worry about much in this session, but it is good to get a bit of an idea of how it works should you be interested in playing in a longer campaign. Same link as the character sheets.
  16. @MadCast: Qrow Edited the date due to Townhall. Please do not put on 6-1 announcements.
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