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  2. Sacrifice massively slows down the game and, once you are past the first or second level, essentially becomes god-mode. At that point the interesting part of the game is done, as there is no further challenge. I find it useful for unlocking abilities or skins, but have come to feel that it really detracts from the game if your intent is to overcome the true challenge of this unique game, which is the clock.
  3. Agreed. Rife and I were playing today and found that also turning Sacrifice off offered a more enjoyable and dynamic experience with each map; which also put more emphasis on mobility and teamwork.
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  5. I think a really good suggestion tonight was to play all our big risk of rain games in the future with the death artifact that wipes the group if a single person dies. It will force more creative and cooperative play, and prevent folks from falling behind.
  6. I should be around and am glad to help with whatever dungeons need running.
  7. @MadCast: Chibiushi and @MadCast: Quanta have been given those awards.
  8. Not only can we help you, part of the discussion tonight is about including other games that share similar systems, like RoR2, into the fold.
  9. I would love to do deck building stuff however im HORRID at it so bad.
  10. Last week
  11. Hi all. Just a note that for the next 2 months, the monthly catch-up event won't be happening as I'm experimenting with other event ideas. Currently, on Sept 24 and probably Oct 1, there'll be some dungeon-specific events in order to finish up some exotic weapon quests (see the event post here). I'm doing this because 1) I like the dungeons in Destiny, they're fun, and 2) I think the catch-up event needed some more structure. Something more concrete to focus on. This might change a little in the weeks before Beyond Light, shift to a Whisper or Zero Hour-specific event (because those quests will be leaving) but I'll see how it goes. There will definitely be some Prophecy dungeon nights for those who haven't run it yet.
  12. @MadCast: Chibiushi has reach Level 40 in Escape From Tarkov and has access to the Loyalty Program by maxing out the traders.
  13. Hello! As some of you have noticed, I have retired my tags as an admin and am looking forward to a relaxing FM lifestyle. I love mafia and would still be down to host a weekly League of Legends event BUT I can't do so in the current state. There has been a steady decline in participation since June. Lots of core members have moved away from League of Legends to other games, including myself. This means, unlike before, I am not naturally meeting new League players or staying connected with the those currently on my friends list enough to fill the event. We have been playing weekly, rain or shine, 5 players or less we play arams, 6 or more we can do Mafia. I'm not going to continue to run it without community interest. I am not interested in reaching outside of the community just to fill slots. I want MadCasters. If we do want to continue a weekly event, we can reshape it to look like what you guys want. One option I have come up with is making the Mafia Don a cycle long title instead of monthly. Doing Mafia every other week and doing summoners rift nights in between. Or just Mafia every other week and not run on the off weeks. Let me know if you would play more if League nights we not only ARAM. I will note, if you used to play league and currently don't play, you are welcome to do Mafia nights still. A lot of the time these nights lately have been really fun "getting the group back together" nights, where even though none of us main league anymore, we still all get together and are bad together and that's fun too. This is an open invitation to YOU to join me next Wednesday. Please help out by letting me know what you want through the poll, leave a comment below, or feel free to DM me (I am open to messages and voice chat and additional brainstorming). I want all the feedback, those who used to play, those who have never played, everyone. I want to know why you don't currently play. You are not going to hurt my feelings.
  14. @MadCast: Quanta is level 40 in Tarkov. We are all really proud of him.
  15. Helping people get through Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy for exotic quests. If you're interested, go sign up on the post over in Events!
  16. I will be there, but need to figure out which one I can get to best between now and then. Will investigate tonight.
  17. Among Us! This time with three impostors (assuming ten players). Confirm ejects and visual tasks will be on.
  18. Hello killer aliens from outer space! This weekend we'll be playing some more Among Us but THIS time, there will be 3 impostors! Count them: one, two, and three. So be wary and ready to go. This is assuming we have ten people playing and confirm ejects and visual tasks will be on to help out the crewmates.
  19. Hi! I'm going to be hosting a bunch of evening-time dungeon runs between now and November, the first of which will be on Sept 24th starting at 9pm EDT. Dungeons in D2 are part-way between strikes and raids, 3 people teams with some puzzle mechanics. We'll be doing runs of Shattered Throne (which requires the Forsaken expansion) and Pit of Heresy (which requires Shadowkeep) for Wish-Ender, Izanagi's Burden, and Xenophage. If you could, comment below with which weapon quest or dungeon you'd like to run. If you have these 3 exotics, please consider signing up to help. I am just one person-shaped nerd bean and would love some helpers. Here are links to some updated guides to help you get to the point where you'll need to run either Shattered Throne or Pit of Heresy (if you're looking to do Izanagi's and need the watcher lenses, or any help at all, feel free to pop into chat the next few nights, we can help get you up to the dungeon point before next week): Wish-Ender Izanagi's Burden Xenophage Here's the sign-up list, I'll update this as comments come in (and add more spots if we get more people signing up). Shattered Throne Pit of Heresy (Lizzie - helping out) Don't worry if you can't make it, I'll definitely be doing this again, possibly on Oct 1st or 8th. Also because for Wish-Ender, you do need to do Shattered Throne twice. Hope to see you then!
  20. Subbing in for Kitty again! I have Jackbox Pack 2 & Pack 4 and my love for Cards Against Humanity. I also have Drawful 2 Who knows maybe everyone will have Among Us and want to show me what that's all about?
  21. Subbing in for Kitty again! I have Jackbox Pack 2 & Pack 4 and my love for Cards Against Humanity. I also have Drawful 2 Who knows maybe everyone will have Among Us and want to show me what that's all about?
  22. Oh for sure. I might break my prepurchase rule for her.
  23. @MadCast: horsedolphin3, @MadCast: Akisuke, and @MadCast: Qrow were given fellowship awards. The others already have a fellowship and their deed has been noted.
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