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  2. I can come as well. That Anarchy drop calls to me.
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  4. Here’s a rundown on how to get the Cursebreaker title, effectively the Dreaming City collection title. First is the Dreaming City Collection badge. If you have the Wayfarer title, you should have most of this completed from filling in the Forsaken Collection badge. The armor and weapons are common enough drops when doing missions for Petra and the Ascendant Challenges, all armor pieces and some weapons can be made using your Chalice in the Menagerie. The shader is sometimes found on some Dreaming City weapons and armor, just dismantle the piece and you should get it. The Ghost shell most often drops when completing the weekly Ascendant Challenge, which you can only do once per character per week, so you’ve got 3 chances per week (the drop rate has increased since it first came out, you might only need a couple weeks of this before getting it). The sparrow, supposedly, has the highest chance when dropping after completing the weekly Dreaming City story mission (I got this so long ago I don’t remember if it was from this, from doing a Public Event, or from Blind Well). The ship most often drops after any encounter in the Shattered Throne dungeon (like when you’ve finished an area and get a Dreaming City weapon or armor piece as a reward), and again, the drop rate has increased. You’ll also need the Wish-Ender exotic bow and the Horror’s Least pulse rifle which is the exclusive drop from running the Nightfall version of The Corrupted strike. With this now in the rotation for Ordeal Nightfalls, this hopefully won’t be as hard to get. The remaining 10 Triumphs range from easy to you might need a fireteam. First, acquire the full Dreaming City armor set, which if you’ve completed the Collection badge you’ve done. The next 4 will take you 3 weeks. You’ll need to do each of the 3 Dreaming City story missions, which you pick up from Petra, that rotate every week. You’ll also need to defeat each of the 3 Blind Well bosses. These appear when you do a Blind Well run at Tier 3 and use an Unstable Charge of Light to make it Heroic. The story missions are fairly straightforward, you might want a friend for The Oracle Engine one, and Blind Well does have matchmaking. Next is visiting the Queen’s Court. On maximum curse weeks, when you do your Blind Well runs for the Offering to the Oracle, instead of the chest just appearing on the little balcony, you get to travel through the portal to Mara Sov’s fancy throne room in another dimension. That’s it. (This is also how you get the Truth to Power lore book entries if you’re working on Chronicler.) You’ll need to find all the Ahamkara bones found around the Dreaming City. They’re in public spaces, in one of the weekly story missions, in Mara's throne world, in The Corrupted strike, in the Shattered Throne dungeon, and in each weekly Ascendant Challenge (these reveal lore entries for the Marasenna book). Here’s where to find them. The last 3 are all sort of related. You’ll need to do the Shattered Throne dungeon, you’ll need to complete the quest for the Wish-Ender Exotic bow (which involves running Shattered Throne twice), and you’ll need to shoot all 40 corrupted eggs with Wish-Ender. The eggs are in similar places to the bone clusters: open world spaces, the dungeon, the strike, and the Ascendant Challenges. There are also 5 eggs in the Last Wish raid, you’ll need to put a special code into the hidden wish wall for the eggs to appear in the raid. Most are easy enough to find, there are 2 that are tricky and 1 unable to reach using wish wall checkpoints. The best way is to get Wish-Ender and do Last Wish with a full fireteam, asking beforehand to put the egg wish into the wish wall. Here are the locations of all the eggs. And that’s it. It’s a fairly doable title, I think the hardest part is getting the eggs in the Last Wish raid, but even then you can wish wall checkpoint around it and only need a fireteam to help you get through the third boss encounter. Here's the standard video guide, remember that it is a year old so some info is out of date (Shattered Throne is always available to run instead of every 3 weeks and some drop rates have increased.)
  5. Come around for casual games with friends! Possibilities include but are not limited to Cards Against Humanity,,, and more!
  6. It's your friendly neighborhood announcement bot! Here to host this weekend's Social Saturday, with fun times outside of Jackbox including (but not limited to) Cards Against Humanity and, and of course any other games the people may want to play. has happened in the past so that's an option, too! See you there!
  7. Magic items will need to be found by playing. It won't really take too long to find one.
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  9. Adventure Name Session # Date DM Name kaidamur arrival in waterdeep 8/12/202 Icarus Starting XP Starting Gold Starting downtime Starting Renown Starting Magic Item(s) lvl 5 420 50 0 none XP Earned Gold +/- Downtime +/- Renown Earned Magic Items +/- 0 lvl -555 0 Katana(Greatsword) + 1 XP Total Gold Total Downtime Total Renown Total Magic Items Total lvl 5 5 0 none Downtime activity elephant training for war in waterdeep.
  10. Adventure Name Session # Date DM Name Arrival at Waterdeep DDEX01-5 08/11/20 Icarus Starting Level Starting Gold Starting downtime Starting Renown Starting Magic Item(s) 5 900 40 1 1 Level Accepted Gold +/- Downtime +/- Renown Earned Magic Items +/- N +240 / -500 +10 0 +1 Ending Level Gold Total Downtime Total Renown Total Magic Items Total 5 640 50 1 2
  11. Can we make magical item requests to receive when we play and get loot?
  12. Remember that you can switch around what class/race you are until level 5. Just something that made me change my answer xd uwu
  13. Haha ya. That's what we're doing right now. Put a Bedrock server on the computer and I'm playing on Windows 10 version while the kids connect via their tablets, but we're having so much fun that I was thinking of doing a realm to check out the additional content from the Minecraft Store.
  14. Everyone here, go ahead and plan to show up. I want to be sure that everyone can get a chance to play.
  15. But you -could- with the Windows 10 version is the point I was making. It's all cross play compatible. I could run a server or realm or whatever on my PC, and connect to it with an Xbox, a Switch, and a phone all at the same time.
  16. OR Kitty meant that her husband plays on console and so she has not joined their realm
  17. My newbie ass will appear once more to help you with the raid.
  18. Kitty must not know that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is Bedrock and is compatible with all other bedrock versions.
  19. To be honest I completely forgot that ESO was a thing that existed, so probably not. Mentioning it does give me the itch for Skyrim again...
  20. My husband and his friends play on a realm together and have a lot of fun, but I don't really enjoy Minecraft on consoles.
  21. Kaidamur, lvl 3 paladin lvl 2 fighter Tuesday 9pm
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