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  • Funding for MadCast assets comes largely from the community. In the past, this has included game servers, but currently our primary costs include the website and prize pools for tournaments. If community donations are not enough to cover operating costs, MadCast Staff has committed to covering these costs out of pocket.

    Please note: no one has ever, in the history of the MadCast, been required to donate or pay money to retain MadCast membership. Please do not feel the need to stretch yourself financially or explain if you cannot donate. There are many ways to contribute to the community, and we do not value monetary contributions over other forms of giving back. 


    MadCast fund expenditures are approved and voted on by Staff and Senior Full Members. No one in MadCast receives any monetary compensation for their work. 100% of funds are used to support community assets, resources, and events. Once a year, a complete ledger of every donation and expense is posted for all Full Members to review, and any Full Member may request information from a Staff member regarding current expenses.

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