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Natural Selection 2


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In which, I attempt to convince you to buy this game.

Natural Selection 2 blends FPS and RTS into one seamless ball of awesome. Two teams fight to destroy the opponents base in order to win the match. The teams are the Kharaa (aliens) and Marines. One player from each team will volunteer to play the game not as an FPS, but as an RTS. They become responsible for the teams over arching strategy as they decide which structures will be built and technologies researched. The rest of the team work together on the ground to enact whatever plan said Commander cooks up.

The two teams have vastly different playstyles, the Marines utilize primarily ranged weaponry while the Kharaa rely on five unique alien species, each suited to different tasks based on their innate abilities.

The early game sees both teams fight with very little advancements so it essentially boils down to guys with guns fighting alien dogs who can run up walls. The late game looks like Marines in mechsuits fighting against giant elephant aliens who give very few fucks.

Perhaps one of the best features of this game is how successfully it recreates the thrill of classic sci-fi films such as Alien, Predator, Starship Troopers etc. When you're playing as a Marine, walking down an unlit corridor with your flashlight being your only company, that's the real deal.

Right now Osiris, Prince and I are the only Madcasters that I know of playing this game. As you can imagine the fun increases exponentially with friends, so if you're interested I highly recommend picking it up and letting us know.

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