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Nether ~ A post-apoc FPS MMO


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I watched the trailer for this upcoming MMO. I won't bother linking it because it was one of those stupid live-action ones (The only one I really thought was hilarious was the Borderlands 2 one)


The game itself looks pretty good, though I never really liked the (hopefully) highly unrealistic "shoot first, ask to team up later" gameplay style that games like this have.


First Person.... one payment only, like Guild Wars 2, and it's a FPS MMO that lets you go in most, if not all buildings in the game, including skyscrapers and stuff.


I dunno, I'm thinking of getting it, but I'm not sure.

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Isn't there a cash shop? I'll think about it, I saw the trailer as well. I don't know the company running it though.

Made me think back to the whole War Z shazam.

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Yeah, I saw a gameplay video. All the artstyles and UI look like War Z. It looks a bit more polished though, compared to what War Z actually is.

Same Devs? I'm not sure, they're under different names. Though, it may be the same people yeah.

Just looks like a Day Z/War Z Style game. Jump a server, and survive.

Though, if you grab a beta key Zan. I'd be more than happy to come adventure with you for a time.


Also, ^ because Steam doesn't tell much.


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Ok, I'm going to give my opinion on this game after playing for around 6 hours last night, if you don't like my opinion you're welcome to come to conclusions on your own.


      My first play through has been a bumpy ride, yet a very fun one. On initial log in you are placed in "Spectator Mode". Basically you can fly around the map looking at different things and checking out different real time spots. I have heard, yet it is not confirmed, that spectator mode is being removed all together. It takes about 3-10 min to spawn in as your character (keep in mind this is a beta test).

      Now I have quite a low end PC. (550ti and a 920 processor) However even with the setting on their lowest settings it is a visually appealing game. Very dark and dingy, GIGANTIC! cityscape. With falling buildings, highways packed with broken down cars and most everything covered in new growing foliage. Nearly every building is enter-able. which makes the map 1000 times bigger than it appears and it is MASSIVE! The creatures in the game are quite fascinating, reminding me of a mix between left4dead2 and half life. And they are quite dangerous. Get more than 2 on you and you're probably dead without a formidable weapon.

     Now I am not saying this game is without its problems, servers crashed constantly, some times if you would get stuck if you jumped onto something like a radio tower (this happened my first spawn) The enemies are sometimes bugged out, walking into walls and not target-able, and the camera shake left me a bit sea-sick after a couple of hours. However, for a lot of faults it does do some things exceedingly well.


Now a lot of people are saying its "WarZ" all over again, and to them I say... Not even close! I played WarZ at launch and it had all of these problems AND MORE!!! Some differences between the two games are...


1. WarZ was released as a "Full Game" on steam when clearly it was still in alpha/beta. Nether, has been clear and concise with its audience stating this is early access alpha and there are many changes that still need to happen before it is released.

2. WarZ has a "Real Money 2 Win" in game shop, where you can buy weapons, ammo, etc... Nether does not! Anything you can purchase within game is cosmetic only! Which is nice...

3. The devs of Nether have been very forthcoming with the community. At first, Nether had the marketplace where you could buy weapons and ammo. However when the community heard of this, they spoke out against it, and the devs listened! They took out anything that was not cosmetic within the marketplace and I think that will help the longevity of the game.


All in all, I played the game for around 6 hours, and I am happy I did! It has a lot of potential, the devs working with the players and community is always a reassuring thing, and I'm going to continue playing and hopefully this game becomes something that could be a high point in a genre plagued by bad releases and poor gameplay!


TL;DR - Game was awesome, it is not WarZ!



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