Jaina's Jubilee - Hearthstone Tournament

MadCast: Sotarkadin

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Yes it is that time of year again for the annual Mage's Ball - Jaina's Jubilee.  To celebrate this years festivities we invite all duelers to bring their best decks and battle for the title of "Bell of the Ball"(Ok, maybe that's not the best name for the winner.)


This tournament will be held on Saturday, April 19th at 4 pm EST.  It will be a best 2 out of 3 for each round.  This tournament is open to all [C]+s.  The only limitation on the cards is that your deck may not contain any Epic or Legendary cards.  The tournament will be capped at 16 people and if we can get 16 people the winner will receive a $20 Blizzard Balance Card.


1.  The MadCast CoC will be fully enforced.

2.  The MadCast Attendance Policy will be fully enforced.  Failure to show up after signing up will result in banning from the next two events hosted by me.

3.  There are no Epic or Legendary cards allowed.  If you are found using a banned category of card you will be disqualified from the tournament.

4.  The tournament will be limited to 16 entrants.

5.  If there are 16 entrants then the winner will receive a $20 Blizzard card, this card can be used to add funds to your battle.net balance allowing you to purchase card packs or other things in the blizzard store.

6.  If a player DC's before player one has 4 mana crystals than the game may be restarted.  Any DC's after that will result in a loss for that game.

7.  I will be the deciding and final factor on all issues that arise.(I will not be participating in the tournament to ensure neutrality on all issues.)


Please post below with your intent to enter the tournament.


Hope to see you all there.


1.  MadCast: Sabre Wolf - Sabrewolf#1960

2.  MadCast: Listerfiend

3.  MadCast: Scooba - Scooba#1135

4.  MadCast: Kit - Kit#1405

5.  MadCast: Io'

6.  lootcashier

7.  MadCast: Butterslit










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come on guys!  there are over 60 of you that has this game.  And this is the best tourny type for those that only have basic cards.  Believe in the heart of the cards and sign up!


What Sabre said, besides it's a Jubilee, who doesn't like those.  you can wear fancy clothes and get your hair done all nice and meet the gnome of your dreams.

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Roster updated.  Need more people to get prize eligible.  There are no limit on the number of different decks you can play, just as long as there are no Epic or Legendary cards in the deck.

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