Butters Trivia Extravaganza Part2


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i would be love to join in.


Thank you so much!


Bah... stupid overnight shifts. I love trivia, but sadly, work has to come first. Only 40 more years until retirement.... 


No worries! There will be more Buttery Trivia Events in the future :laugh:

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I will likely spectate (quietly) pending there are no objections. just wanted to double check if the Townhall runs late tonight will the event be pushed back?


In the circumstance that Town Hall does run late, I will still do the Trivia Event.  It's a Monday night so most folks are on a time crunch.  Last time the event lasted for about 45minutes.  If it runs too late I shall feel out the situation and go from there to see if we need to continue at a later date :)

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