Admins vs. MadCast


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Been wanting to do this event for quite some time and I think there is no better opportunity! On Nov. 17th, 2014 @ 8pm I shall be hosting/participating in an event where people in the community can challenge the admin team in a good ol' game of League of Legends! I'm not talking about ARAM's, I'm talking about a good match, 5v5, full of awesomeness and a good time. I ask my fellow admins (minimum of 4 and of course more are welcome to participate and sign up!) to join me in the power of all that is pink and glitter to create the A-team! (Get it?!). Next we shall accept challenges from associates/candidates and FMs. Whichever team wins 2 out of 3 matches is declared the winner. If enough people feel like they can take on the admin team and win, I shall give away 5 gift cards only for either Steam or GameStop to the winning team. But BEWARE, the admin team can also win this amazing prize. Sign up below and let me know if you think you can take us on!


1.) Butters a.k.a. "Hannibal"
2.) Soupcup a.k.a. "The Face"
3.) Kit a.k.a. "B.A. Baracus"
4.) Mav a.k.a. "Murdoc"
5.) Lister a.k.a "Lynch"
6.) Disma a.k.a "Baddie"
7.) Sabre a.k.a "Wolf"


1.) Gyrowze
2.) BluJay24
3.) Thortt
4.) Alankevis
5.) Sapirino
6.) Naru

7.) Shiro

8.) Tijke

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Except for me. It's a Tuesday.


And alas, work has begged me to fill a shift that day, and with the limited amount of work I have this month, I alas need to accept. I would be here for the first game, but that is all I could promise. I apologise but as of this moment, I need the work more then I want to play.

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Is there no one who will challenge the might of the admins?! Or, shall the admins (even Disma) hold supremacy?

Oh come on guys, we can't allow Disma to hold supremacy! He'll be ... acting supreme... and all that!


Another event idea... Team Disma vs MadCast. XD Disma picks a particular few unfortunate souls and we kill him over and over. 

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