Admins vs. MadCast


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I will be in attendance in the event a Sub is needed for the members. If not I will be happily spectating ^_^


Happily spectating your peers getting crushed into scrap-metal?  Its too bad Team Disma has no challengers for this evening...

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Just a reminder that this is happening in about less than an hour!


For new members and for old members please read Event Attendance Policy as a refresher along with the CoC.  Both of these will be enforced, particularly the CoC.  I am very competitive myself but this event is meant to be pure fun and to zero hurt feelings from beginning to end so let's keep it this way alright? :naughty: If you are planning to participate please sign up here on this forum before 8pm.  If you are planning to spectate no need to sign up, in fact the more the merrier I say!


I look forward to playing with friends, to making new ones, and to show MadCast the Admin team is a strong bunch that will not go down without a fight!

Edited by MadCast: Butterslit
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The winner is MadCast and they get the prize of a new LoL skin that is within the 760 range. Please message me the skin you desire and I shall gift to you and make it so.  If I do not receive a message within two weeks, than you do not get the prize; that is to say no message by Dec 1, 2014 = no prize.  Thanks so much to everyone that participated and I look forward to doing more events with everyone in the future :D

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