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At 3PM EST on Saturday the 3rd of December 2016, MadCast will once again marshal forces in the Nexus.  Many will enter, only 5 shall leave with the coveted title.

All full members (or above) of MadCast may participate.  Candidates may sign up if their candidacy period will end prior to the tournament, but entry shall be limited to those who carry the MadCast tag.

Players may sign up individually or as a team.  Sign up below if interested.  I shall tally the sign ups in this post.

Maps will be announced mid November.  Draft shall be mid-ban.

The format of the tournament will be dependent on the number of players involved, but will likely end up being either Double Elimination or Round Robin.  A decision shall be made 1 week prior to the tournament.  

An EPIC banner shall commemorate the victors, which will include their MadCast tags and Team Name.  All Hail Cookie, the Banner Goddess.

So... without further adieu... I shall leave you all with a Vanadium Plated pearl of wisdom that I gleaned from the Nexus:

"You think you're somethin' special? Huh? Good to know you're dumb as well as ugly."


Solo Applicants:






Mastodon (Filling as required to complete a team)

Angelix (Filling as required to complete a team)


Team Applicants:

Stan's Team - Stan, Sanjo, Soupcup, Rife, Sleiphner

The Usual Suspects (They have one spot open on their roster)

TEAM S.O.S - Masterwonton. Purist, Ternity, Steven, Benstaa




Mistaken Mishaps

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I am assembling a crew.  I will edit this post once a team is finalized.

Expect pain peons, for your subjugation is at hand.  The soon to be Kings of the Nexus will be unrelenting on their climb to ascendancy, and you all shall be our steps.

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Yes Tierless, all members need to be listed if you sign up a team.  That said, you don't have to immediately list all members of the team if you are still resolving the roster.  You can just update the roster in your post and I'll update mine to match.

Also, feel free to give your teams names =)

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Usual Suspects is going to participate as a team (Lorenzo, Archimedes, Lurama, and I), but we aren't "Signing up" yet since we'll need to find a fifth. Just letting people know if they are interested to ask.

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1 hour ago, MadCast: Angelix said:

I'll think about it.

Cool. It's just an idea. There's definitely reason to standardize the map pool as well. For instance, after Blizzcon, I believe that Garden of Terror and Blackheart's Bay are being competitively benched (the quals for HGC 2017 do not allow either map). That said, if we do end up going with set maps, my opinion is Cursed Hollow and Infernal Shrines should be in there, since they are the most common competitive. From there, Sky Temple, Dragon Shire, and Tomb of the Spider Queen are all also common choices.

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On 11/3/2016 at 9:54 PM, Tierless said:

Oh, I'm going to sign up with a team not solo. Should I list the players?


Also... just to confirm... your team mates are/will be members of MadCast by the tournament date, correct?  

As stated above, to participate in this tournament, you need to be a full member.

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  • 2 weeks later...

If we are short on numbers to create a 3rd team, or 4th, etc, and only need one more person to fill, I will play.  Other HOTS admin may also fill if required and they aren't signed up.

On another note, map selection for Kings of the Nexus is as follows:

First Round Teams:  Infernal Shrines

Second Round Teams: Warhead Junction

Third Round Teams: Cursed Hollow

Fourth Round Teams: Braxxis Holdout

If for some reason a fifth round is required, it will be Towers of Doom.

The format of who is playing who, and how many games are required to win (whether it's double elimination, pools, round robin, etc) will be finalized the day of the tournament, in order to provide sufficient time for players to sign up.

Additional maps shall be selected at random, should they be required.  

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Unfortunately I wont be able to play on this day due to real life commitments but I should be available to observe.

Just now, MadCast: Kajyu said:

I have tested my Twitch and OBS. It was a success. I would be happy to cast this event (co-casters are welcome). 

If you have room I would  like to co-cast with you when I am available.

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