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Hello the wonderful community of MadCast! My name is in the title ( As you see it )

My IRL name is Salvatore ( Sal for short )

I am currently 17 years old ( As of June 2017 )

My birthday is in October

I am from the United States Of America, my political standings/viewpoints are Independent

I Am a League of Legends player, who recently joined the community in pre-season 6 on the day of Poppy's rework, I have had 3 accounts ( 2 of which Ive sold and dont use anymore )

My personality is very hyperactive, I do tend to get really excited and crazy at times if something funny or non-humorous things happen, or just in general for no particular reasoning.

Im looking to join the MadCast community because I have never really looked into joining a community full of gamerrs, because I am not a motivated person and I feel like I dont fit with other players, but when it comes down to meeting different types of gamers with different personalities, things get interesting in a good way, and I look forward to making friends with a community I can trust and really get to know people in.

I am looking to achieve a better behavior and keep a good environment in the community, when I first started to play League Of Legends I was an extremely toxic player, but now that Ive been getting down the fundementals of the game, such as not winning every single game I play or doing good individually and keeping my mouth shut when it needs to be shut, Ive tended to ease up a bit, and lets things roll. But I still have a bad attitude, and Im hoping this community can give me the confidence boost I need to play the game more proficiently and thoroughly.

I also play Overwatch, PUBG, and GTA V

Thanks for reading!

- Chastiser / Hanker


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Welcome dude; thanks for the detailed intro, not many people take the time to share so much.

16 hours ago, Chastiser said:

Im looking to join the MadCast community

I take it here that you mean Full Membership, but I would take some time to get acclimatized before diving into a candidacy. Meet some members, learn the ways and get a feel for the environment. Then get back to me here, and I'll get you started with a mentor. Again, that is just a recommendation.

I'll toss you an add in game when I get home, and I'll play with ya sometime soon.

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Welcome Hanker! 

I used to be a pretty heavy rager myself, but I've long since gotten rid of that trait (mostly). I look forward to playing with you!

Also, I would definitely recommend trying out League of Learning on Thursdays. It's a friendly atmosphere that allows you to learn from your mistakes without inducing much stress/rage.

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