Warhammer: Vermintide 2

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Who's playing? The first one was SUPER underrated, especially considering how many L4D fans we had around here. I'm planning on picking it up, but I wanna gauge interest to see who'd be down to join me. What's really good team?

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I would say absolutely, I disappeared for like 2 weeks after I picked this up because I was playing this.

Fatshark (the devs) absolutely nailed the melee combat and it feels very satisfying. The gameplay is awesome.

The downsides are that this is just like most games that release these days, it is effectively still in beta/early access. There are some noticeably missing features, such as a lack of dedicated servers (If the person hosting the game leaves, everyone disconnects), although it's coming soon (tm).

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5 hours ago, MadCast: Epic said:

This game is currently on sale, and I have some birthday Steam Cash to burn. Worth the pickup?

I have really enjoyed the game thus far. I'd happily play with you time to time as well. It is viable solo but always more fun with others around ;)

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