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MadCast: Karaoke 6/10/18

MadCast: Kelica

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MadCast: Karaoke

Theme: Disney

Sunday 10th of June @ 8PM EST

Hosted By: MadCast: Baal & MadCast: Kelica



1. Either turn on push to talk or mute your mic while people are singing.

2. Use continuous transmission while singing. 

3. Do not record anyone singing (other than yourself).

4. You do -not- have to sing to hang out!

5. Have fun!

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10 hours ago, majorhoward said:

Unfortunately, some of us were bitter, miserable bastardy drunks from birth, that's my inner child and i bring it out every day.

Maybe coming to listen to some Disney songs will turn your miserable bitter heart into a human that can love again.

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im going to try to convince some people to do a group song if that's aloud. open to suggestions. and yes it will be terrible. thinking of some older 90s songs. something to really get the crowd going! first thought was some goofy movie... power line.. 

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