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Rito at it again

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On 2/21/2019 at 2:28 PM, MadCast: Wazap said:

I've seen a couple of videos of her on mid lane, and her laning phase is atrocious. Being unable to aa during ult also hurts her.

I think she has better matchups on top lane free farming until lvl 11. 

Putting her top seems to be the way to go, and I think you have the right of it here, Waz. 

Keeping Kayle on the island with TP and corrupting potion let's her accelerate the leveling process and work towards that late game. Since 16 is the goal, pick her with a team that excels early game and reap the benefits to come. 

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Can others AA when theyre under her ulti? If so it would be imperative to use it on them instead most of the time.


EDIT: The last thing I need is another Anivia wall incident where people start doing it on purpose to their adc's to make them not get a kill, etc.

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