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Duel Result and Points Tracking

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Here is where all duels results should be posted and points will be tracked. 1 Point is given to a winning samurai and their clan. 3 points are given if you kill the opposing duelist. If a veteran (5 wins) samurai is retired, 5 bonus points are awarded to their player and clan. If a veteran samurai dies, those 5 points are awarded to the slayer instead.



Hokuten: 1 Point

Nanten: 4 Points

Touten: 12 Points



Maruko McGwireson (Mike, Dead)- 5 Point

Kagono (Kitty)- 1 Point

Zubon (Wazap) - 6 Points

Support Welfare (Support Welfare, Dead) - 3 Point

Zombie Support Welfare (Support Welfare, dead) - 1 Point

Zonqrow (Support Welfare)

Akemi Hanada (Hitori) - 1 Point

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During the fight with @MadCast: Wazap I felt overwhelmed with pity and decided to commit seppuku at the end of the duel.  Wazap wins this one and I am now dead.

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