League:Top laners right now (IMO)

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I've noticed some people need to Not only know their champion but .. Have a good champion pool for being able to play around people in toplane

from my own point of view.. toplane's just a chess game like Someone picks a tank with no CC (urgot) and kind of low range like that , you can just go melee bruisers that can trade & jump out AkA Mobile champions or just Ranged champions 

But overall it just depends on how people react to things.. Say If i'm playing fiora against someone like urgot

Usually fiora can just Annoy urgot by just walking up pressing Q on mark and walk away  by her movement speed passive from hitting a vital mark

If the urgot is good he'll just poke back with a well landed Q But most toplaners from iron up to even g3-g2 Dont really lane that well 

which leads to Fiora eventually beating him in lane because she's farming without worry While urgot cant really harass her without being harassed back due to her Sustain healing

and if urgot tries to engage on fiora If IF the fiora's good She'll just W his dash when ever he uses it and cause him to get stunned which automaticly wins fiora the fight, AS LONG! as she dosent get hit by his Q and best to fight him in minions so if he presses W his W just attacks everything around , 

Another intresting match up is playing against a Nasus


So most nasus's out there... i've seen starting from iron to silver 1 They kinda die at gold++++ and are not played

good nasus players dont lose lane even against counters or champions that force them out of lane or such because

A good nasus can just walk up Max E start Doran ring (not trolling)  and might even go for 2nd doran ring 

Why the doran ring? for the mana reg + extra damage to minions on autos

Sure nasus'll be in the AP stats but If th enasus's good all  he has to do is Spamm his E onto the enemy laner as they attempt to ONLY poke him (or at all times if u can control your mana....)

nasus E when maxed does sooo much damage early on that it makes nasus able to just farm safely without having to care about the enemy laner poking because at the end of th eday... You do your best to aim your E away from the minions to also hit the enemy champion so they minions live So u can stack


Because nasus's passive is so strong in the early levels and even mid-late game because of the healing he can just continue to heal without care for the enemy's poke

and its simple .... if your laner's AP you go early MR with a Sheen only

if they're AD you go armor E.G Frozen heart-iceborn gauntlets

you dont need to always go Triforce Sure its good and all but Iceborn gives you the armor , mana to keep on in lane  to even slow your enemy when u hit



I'm trying to make posts about top.jg as they;'re the thing i kind of specialize in If i made any mistakes please do correct me ❤️ i'd love to know 

next post i'll probably continue on about toplane champions  Or might go into some jungle talk ^

Yours : [C]IzonKAiser

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One thing I'd like to mention is that if you choose to play a pokey champ against a melee champ with limited mobility, auto attack as much as possible early game. 

When I used to play a lot, I used to pick saw a lot of people picking Teemo or Kennen top lane just for the sake of playing a "counter" to Darius or Nasus but not utilizing my their advantage early game and eventually losing when bruisers pop off mid-game. 


Also any top laners down for some Lee Sin 1v1?

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Counter matchups exist in the top lane, but there are a decent number of good picks without easy counters, like Kennen or Aatrox.

Knowing your lane matchup is quite important in top lane, knowing when you have to concede farm or when you can pick a good trade is important.

Nasus doesn't see much play later because he has little ability to play the map. Even if I'm in a bad matchup against a Nasus (some sort of tank who can't push Nasus off the wave), I can look to roam.

Aside from the triple dorans e-max build, which delays your Q stacks by a few minutes and leaves you extra vulnerable to ganks, Nasus is vulnerable to good wave management. He has no ranged CS ability that does not push the wave hard, and he is incentivised to farm with his Q, leaving him open to trades. If he doesn't push, my jungler owns the top river.

Later on, Nasus has no ability to close gaps, no initiation, and is vulnerable to getting kited to death by a reasonable AD.

Games get shorter as you go up in rank because people know how to close games better. So Nasus has less time to get stacks before he is forced to help his team and group.

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So I would say that while some lanes are harder than others, you can take almost any top laner into ANY matchup. As @MadCast: Pushover said, there are some champions that have few bad matchups. For me Illoai is that champion.

Keep in mind that worse case scenario, you farm under tower, and wait for lane phase to end to do your thing.

Do be very careful about something like a Teemo. There are two ways to build Teemo. The 1st way is to win lane, but to not be very useful late game, or to be useful late game, but most likely lose lane hard. Also, most top laners will just farm safely, wait for you to push, then get their jungler to gank the living daylight out of you. The same goes for ANY other sqhushy ranged carry in top. Yes it can work, but many times they will punish you for it. Once a Garen gets a little ahead for example, he can dumpster any ranged carry, including teemo, vayne, caitlyn etc.

My best advice to you is to learn three champions very well, figure out all of their matchups, and play them. You will find that you can take those three champs into almost any game. For me, it is not who I face that decides the lane, it is if the enemy top gets his mid/jungle to sit on me. Granted I am a VERY aggressive laner.

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