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Sadness in the toplane

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Were you an aatrox main?

Then you sure must be as hurt as other toplaners...

just being a Beefy boi that runs around healing while doing great damage and if you're in danger u just press R while fighting to increase your healing + damage + revive if u go into 0 hp!

isnt it great? :D But Nope Riot decided *Hmmmm..... thats... too strong need to tone it down a bit*

*Lets..... make the revive part after his red bar goes to full*

aatrox mains : *slightly hurt* Okay..... aight we can make do


It still does great and all


Jem: Aight i gotchu!!!

*lets remove the revive part for good and just increase the heal & ultimate time when ever aatrox gets kill/assist*

aatrox players:**stroke**, YAMERRROOOOOOOOOO, *intense crying everywhere* And Aatrox even after all of that is really not that gutted yet! his still good and viable into alot of matchups as proven by the lcs,lec , lck

I wonder if another nerf is on the way ;bigthonk;

Like i've had a game as darius into aatrox... Where the player  was flashing his mastery 7 at me *low -mid plat elo*

And my skills & brain at darius is legit 0... So i should've been losing that lane REALLY HARD But somehow...

They guy Dosent want to fight darius even when he landed 2 q's He does not want to go for the E Q on me  even pre 6

and after 6 he decided * ok i think i'll all in him now*

as i just  slowly dodge all 3 q's , apply 5 bleeds on him , pull  and etc darius combo lalalalalalalalla walk up auto , w auto Q ,pull Auto ,just get em low enough and press R

and keept killing him then even killing him in a 2v1 situation where he had his WW jg  from full hp just simply because the guy got too cocky , didnt try to do sht early , made me able to understand the pattern he did things in


Like imagine watching your laner do the same thing for 10minutes 

Walk up , Auto minion , Q  at you , if he misses he Q's again , then 3rd q's the floor , i walk up he presses W and walks away and when ever he tried to E Q he dashes to the left with a q like.. Okay?


as he keept getting killed , getting me 5/2 as he was 2/3  under me in farm due to fear to walk up to farm  due to me having about an item or two and he still halfway thro 1st item


It was an intresting match up to play like the guy showed good skill with aatrox.. But his own decision making made it end badly.. And due to that

His team had pretty much no frontline because WW was the only frontline and WW got melted by my team thats doing as they please because i'm a beefy darius standing infront , 

i dont really know how to play darius i just know how to do his combo but i'm not exactly a darius player... 

Also not the best toplaner there is but i can handle myself with people around my skill range and a bit higher (hopefully)


personally i love aatrox But i dont really see the need for people to try to E Q the 1st Q because if you cant land your 1st Q then you're most likely not landing the other 2

at least if you land the 1'st you'd have a chance to E Q the 2nd if the enemy tries to back off Then you W them , slow and either land the 3rd Q or they get too far and thats okay at least you landed 2 q's and traded nicely


But if you E Q and the enemy laner walks away its pretty much like *Okay what do i do now?... just continue pressing Q on the wave i guess*

also seeing people rush BC into somelanes they dont really need it in when they can rush yommu's or death's dance 

but tbh i'm afraid that they'd gut aatrox again... so i might just start practicing my akali mechanics for toplane *lul.... imma suck so hard*

but hopefully be at least average at her or above that if possible

and maybe sometimes Kennen every here and then :D



will see y'all in the next post All of what im saying here is just my personal opinion on what i was noticing , seeing Not meaning THATS WHAT IT SHOULD BE LIKE! and such 

cus i'm trash anyways but i try to give my opinions on how i see things :D hopefully not annoying anyone by them

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Man, when Aatrox got reworked and he was sitting in the low 40s for winrate, I remember thinking how busted he was. They keep nerfing his ult, but put damage back into his Q.

Standard combo is usually Q1-W-EQ2-Q3 on the W pullback.

Not a huge fan of DD first on Aatrox unless you can actually complete it, the build path is awkward compared with BC. You almost always go Warhammer into Kindlegem into boots 2/Cleaver. The early 20-30% CDR reduces the window where your Q is on cooldown to almost 0s as long as you don't cast Q3. DD and Yomuus leave you vulnerable to getting busted in ganks due to a lack of max HP.

Without the revive, not too much changed. A lot of the time, when you get a reset on your ult, Triumph+ult heals you for like 20% of your health, giving you enough to push the next kill on a fleeing team. You just can't be completely fearless after a reset now.


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