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Something important.

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So Sometimes During league games, Some people Can attempt to give some advice to others e.g in events or so


Like how in the first time i joined the server , for a League of learning night and i was up against craiden in lane

I didnt sound aggressive  And also did not try to make a voice tone that would make him feel bad or such

At the end of every comment i made with him i would tell him :But over all you did well just need to fix up a thing or two and you'll be good to go :D 

But its really unsettling when someone who talks to you about something in game , like trying to review something or advice you or such

And the way they say things might come up to be offensive Due to a few reasons like 

1- Just throwing all of your words and 100% ignoring what the other person has to say or Thinks

As in , The other person is not you!

You may be a better player and see the game better than your enemy laner  But He is not you and does not see it that way

So before throwing everything at him , Maybe try to ask him : How did you see this or that happening? 

How did you think this match up would go?

What did you think was best to do?

Let the other person speak first

2-Then say :can i give my own opinion?, if they agree then still when you talk , say it like an actual advice


Not only in league in other games as well If you deem people to do things the way you see it then ,you're killing their creativity 

because you're forcing something on them 

Yes some would say : they dont have to listen to what i say

But some people have weak characteristics and personalities and submit to those who they think are better than them

you gotta think of how some words come out of you If they'll hurt the person you're talking to or not

If this person is cool with me speaking this way or not

But you do not just randomly See something that someone else is doing , if they're doing it wrong you just try to force the right thing on them

That is how sometimes in league you can help a team mate in league to actually do better if you just speak to them calmly and encourage them


Sometimes even when playing with my own friends in the higher elo's of diamond+ i end up facing masters & grandmasters because of them

But i manage to deal with it because my boys have known me for more than 5 years And they do not just throw words that they know will hurt me

They'll eventually meme me and make jokes on me for being bad and such But they make sure not to pick words that hurt me hard ,


So imagine if thats how it is between people who know each other for years,

How would you react when a Random person starts to randomly force you into things ingame When you're tilted/ Not having a good time because of lane match up or the enemy laner being higher elo "better???"

also another example is...

So imagine You're friends with a bronze player And you're at least... Gold or plat , somewhere in that range

And you're playing with him and he is hurt because of playing against your elo that knows thing he/she cannot comprehend

depends on who you are really.. to deal with that situation... Be Forceful , yell at them sometimes to do things right

or try to slowly approach their way of playing and attempt to convince them that you can show them a way thats better if they'd like to try

Its something i've dealt with personally because

Not Every one is a great player

You cannot expect a gold player to play as good as a plat 1-2 or diamond

same for silver /etc And then proceed to throw all of your ideas of how things should be done

Everyone starts somewhere And then slowly gets better , They do not just Suddenly become Great at the game or such

Wellll dis is all i have 2 say for dis post :D See you all later , Also I'm sorry if this made some people feel targeted or such i'm not targeting anyone in specific i'm just commenting on this 


Because it is something that has been going on for a while And i do hope to just have put some ideas into people to Deal with this alot better?

because its something i have not noticed for a LONG while .... But then i started to notice it again recently Within the past month or so!

hope you all have a great weekend!! ❤️

Yours: [C]IzonKAiser

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Haha you owned @MadCast: Craiden and then let him down gently ;)


Everyone starts somewhere And then slowly gets better , They do not just Suddenly become Great at the game or such

Very well said Izon. I'm guilty of this myself at times. For instance, the other day, I was looking to gank a bot lane with a Bard support. I was waiting for the enemy team to push so Bard could magical journey and we could crush them. Instead Bard journeyed right away and the enemy team backed off suspecting the now obvious gank before they had moved too far ahead.

I was frustrated in the moment, but I took a deep breath and then quickly explained why that didn't work in calm language rather than going on a rant or letting it tilt me. Later that same Bard had a really good play that we cleaned up on and I made sure to mention how that was nice and gave us an optimal outcome.


I think if you are going to give feedback, you should try and focus on a 2:1 ratio of positive to negative feedback. If you can't make that ratio, then mute all until the next game, because otherwise you are hurting your team (in my opinion.)


Also, Izon owned Craiden.

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