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You know something isnt right.. when you're playing Malphite.... Against a Camile And shes not destroying you.. Infact.. you're out trading her.. When you're using Press the attack on malphite (LOL)

its been a blast for me to play malph with press the attack and 0 AD or ap on runes , just simply attack speed + armor & armor or armor & mr

Imagine camile taking magic shield from her 1st auto passive on you.. Only to take a shitload of damage from your auto's & E as press the attack procs , she cant fight you 

because HaHahAhAhAhaha My name's malph.. i have a shield + my E slows your attackspeed by 30-50%& does alotta damage scaling with my armor!

and my W makes me smacc you harder

Oh and my Q gives me movement speed that i steal from you while slowing you, Oh.. and My ult..

Just.... *orgasm* My ult.. is amazing.. have you tried it?? Here have a taste *SMACC*

Oh.. u deed me sorrry :C

But yea malphite is really fun against some Full AD teams 

as i was playing with my friends in d3-d1 elo , vs a d4 top camile , i just keept building armor , armor , armor , hp  because their only ap threat was a Mid karthus... and uh....

i'll tell you right now that karthus did not have a good time..

Imagine every minute/40secs a malphite comes from behind your tower and ults you , kills you , walks away back to his lane

best part is enemy camile was like *while he is doing that mid! imma push his tower!!!*

me as malph: O.k *walks bacc to lane , fights her , kills her without having my ult*

*proceeds to take 2plates , walk away*

But where's the enemy jungler?

Well you see.... he was thinking *Toplane's lost... so i gotta go help bot, You know Maybe if i get my botlane ahead , we'll have a chance*

And what did the malphite think?: *Excuse me sir , I cannot allow you to do this*

*tp , vs camile tp*

*presses R*

*lands it on 3 of them , wins fight*

and game just esclated to surrender at 20

That game wasnt Me alone at all (my jg was kinda non existent)

That game was mostly our Mid azir being good as he always is (Great guy btw , search em up if you wana *Trajiic* )

and our botlane was fighting the lane just fine , doing well and all

Another game Where i was getting Dominated.... thinking * i can keep my malph win streak going* But ended up against an actual good d3 player That dominated the lane ,had to play like a scared cat and all at my tower and just had more impact on the game

Now.. i may have been 0/5 in lane!.....


Landed amazing ults in teamfights, Tanked pretty well *Hahaha malp vs full ad team is fun Oh. so is rammus*

had a good amount of wards spread around baron/topside to keep vision so my team wouldnt be spooped by my toplaner roaming

Games like that were going fine , all untill We uh.... Inted? a little bit.. Just a little bit

We decided : Ok we won teamfight, we're taking inhib. we have 10 secs , Lts go for nexus tower!

takes 1 tower , proceed to get engaged on , killed slowly as one of us made the call of getting baron while they're busy with base

Stole baron , we got aced Aaaand lost da game but we were pretty happy at the end of it for the Effort we did 

As all of them keept meming me for being bad , losing lane that hard

my only response was : Wdym i cant do notthinn when their toplaner's strong enough And gets his jungler to dive me everytime past lv 8 while our bot isnt winning and our mid's ungankable So i'm the Sacrifice for the team :<

Sorry this isnt like... The best topic i could be speaking about , not my usual about tips./matchups etc 

Cus sickness and such (cold .. rip me) & unknown brain damage for unknown reasons

But over all hope you're all doing well , see you peeps in the next moments


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As a Camille player, she gets dumpstered by Malphite pretty badly as long as he can figure out where his E key is located. Just can't find a favorable trade until about 3 items. You can cheese Malphite before he gets mana, but otherwise the lane generally goes terribly. Press just seems worse than Grasp, you can easily win trades with a single auto, rather than having to get 3.


The 2nd game is the tank playstyle in a lot of matchups, get what CS you can, be more relevant in teamfights and hope for the best.

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