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New Game Mode? Pepega

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I've had this idea in my head for  a while now 

to make a Hide and seek for everyone to play :D

now hold on Its not going to be As good.. because Dominion map is removed *best map for hide and seek tbh* but 

I believe we can make it work out in SR

With the help of MadCast Dez or Baal  since im not a full member yet to have my own thing running ^ ofcourse

So the idea is for us to make it a tournamet Game , with picks & banns and a maximum of only 1-2 Seekers and up to 5 Hiders

Game starts with First 10 minutes We  just farm So evryone could get some gold to buy stuff , Once it hits the 10mins mark Everyone goes back to base , But *killing each other is allowed ofc pre 10mins for everyone , Rip seekers*


Once people have bought their things You dont have much time at 11mins you're demanded to be out of base or You'll lose 1 life 

So you hide within The jungle And No Wards or ward totem are allowed by either side

And because i know some questinos'll be up like

here's the rules once the hide and seek begins at 11mins 

1- seekers may buy what ever they see fit to  kill 

2- Hiders are not allowed to Kill or fight Seekers! May CC them with skills/such But if you do something ridicilous like Playing neeko and building full ap and burst the seeker with your ult saying *i was ccing em and getting shield to live* Then no.. Which brings us toooo

3- Hider's items are limited to items that help them Survive Not items with The full itent of damage

 to an item that's mainly Full Damage use Such as * Zhonyas* is fine

- QSS is fine but dont complete the sword

Seraphs if fine aswell since you can use its big shield *as long as you dont abuse it for its ap*

Building Full tank is not allowed as well You may play Tanky/beefy charcters but not build tank on them

-Items such as Dead man's plate is also out of the question despite giving movement speed It still is a Tanky ish item

-Basiclly most items that are allowed for Hiders are Items that give movementspeed but no tanky stats/full damage *crit items are fine because they're critchance & movespeed & attack speed* and you're not suppoused to be constantly attacking ,only ccing once , running away 

5- Hiders are allowed to farm the jungle! but beware doing so might notify the seekers that someone's close by as they pass by an empty jg camp

6- to be fair a bit for the seekers Some Champions will be perma banned Without banning them in game

Such as Teemo! Shaco! Mainly these two are the only ones no Hider is allowed to play them at all times for what ever reason

7- The Chase!! Hiders are not allowed to hide under Towers! You may only pass by them if you wish to get to the other side of the jungler But That is It! if you stay near a tower in any way for more than 2 seconds You'll get a -1 to your 5 lifes You're allowed to run next to Seeker's towers as you escape them and such 

and Yea if you're being chased under your own tower ,as said before You just pass to the other side of the jg The seeker'll have to be the one judging is it worth to eat a towershot or not  for the chase ^ But Hiders are not Allowed to Circule the seekers around these turrets

Such as , you just passed by this tower while being chased , You just keep running away to somewher else , Dosent matter if you expose someone else of the hiders

But if you Do a spin around the rosey , make the seeker lose too much hp by eating like 3 tower shots just because you're dragging them near your turrets Then you get a -1 life No way around that

8- Now if you do happen to be passing by one of your fellow hiders,,, And accidently Expose them , Well Here's the big Oof rule

Each Hider is allowed to  3 CC Assists To their team! You are only allowed 3 Assists in total Not to each person!!!

Once you use up your 3 assists , using any more will cause in a minus life!

so simply after using yours If you end up in the middle of another hider being chased by a seeker you do not CC the seeker or harm them in any way Unless the seeker is Directly coming after you!! I hope that point's clear

9-Each game'll have to go up to Either 35mins total game time  Or minions push to nexus  Or simply all hiders go  with 5 deaths from the begging time of the Hide and seek *starting from the 11mins mark*

10- Hiders Are allowed only 5seconds in fountain time after spawing  if they die , And as soon as they pass their Inhibitor To go hide They say in all chat *Grace* which means they get 10seconds of Not being touched At all by the seekers So its a fair way for them to go back into hiding And seekers are not allowed to follow those who are under Grace 

so if a seeker see's someone under grace in their way , They Walk away to another direction untill that person's grace is over Then seeker's are allowed to chase them once again

Just so some Seekers do not Camp base , bully someone as they come out of base , make it unfair ^^

11- also just because i know someof you might do this... Hiders DO NOT ALL STACK IN 1 BUSH FOR WHAT EVER REASON AND THEN DUMP ALL OF YOUR CC ONTO THE SEEKER AS THEY APPROACH YOU!!!!

Just because i know some of dem pepegas might do that ^

12- Oh yes and most imporatntly of all Seekers Are not allowed to play Ashe/Quinn/TF Champions like those that can just see a good portion of the map with their skills... so the hiders actully have a hiding chance While... For hiders?.... I will say that Twisted fate is allowed for them

you know.. The great escape as they close in on you , you just ult away 

BUT Twisted fate as a hider is only allowed to Ult if he is Teleporting to another hiding spot!!!!! Not allowed to use it at all times to get vision on the seekers  got that ya rule breakers?^

13-heres something extra for the hiders , They're allowed to hide in River bushes of lanes to leech some exp from the minions murdering each others But no farming the minions!!!! So they can hide in river bushes like the top/bot /mid ones just to get the exp So they can get some levelups  so they dont be far behind in levels on the seekers , weaker

14-Seekers are also not farming minions in any lanes! or leeching exp! their only way of leveling up is Killing the hiders Kappa :D

Sure they might get some exp while chasing someone thro midlane/ or such But understandable enough depending on the  situations

15-Once a Hider is done for with their 5 deaths Then Thats it for them , They sit in base & afk  while watching their companions die , or be very sneaky snek  

But also Due to me saying farming jungle is okay for hiders,,, I do not mean also Dragons/Herald/Baron 

So,,,,, Hiders are only allowed to take Wind/Ocean drakes  , Seekers are allowed all dragons

Now Hiders will not fight the seekers for it! Simply if you think the seekers are There You just have to simply Last hit it better than them! And as said No Wards or any vision items So Blind steals , dark map , Fun times

i've had some more ideas in my head but cant remember them now , If Dez & Baal & nyone else who'd agree to this idea of the full members & above would like to do this fun gamemode with me that'd be neat and also i'm open to Any more suggestions to Rules

See ya tonight in mafia people!!!





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