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This weeks topic will be what we would have gone with last week if I had not made last minute changes.  We will be focusing on Trading Damage and couple that with recognizing your win conditions.  Recognizing your win conditions is something everyone should start looking at before you even get into game.  You can start getting an idea of what fights will look like when you see what the teams are picking.  If your team is going with assassins in the jungle and mid with a brawler in top then you are likely looking at a pick comp.  You will want to find small fights or ambushes in the jungle where you can quickly delete one player and gain an advantage on pushing an objective from there.  If you are running a tank in jungle and top with a control mage in mid it's likely you will be looking for a teamfight based play or even siege comp to take towers.  The other side of that is knowing how well your lanes are doing vs. how well the enemy team's lanes are doing.  Know who is fightable and who isn't.  You don't want to 1v1 a 9/1/4 Irellia when you are on a 2/2/3 Jax.  Look at items, approximate gold and think about what they are wanting to do in the game to get their team ahead.  All this will give you some picture of what you need to do to tilt the scales in your favor.  You know, the "win conditions" I mentioned earlier.  As for trading damage, this is more for early game lane dominance.  If you are trading effectively you will push your opponent out of lane more often, force them into a passive game play style and give you the chance to get ahead in lane and eventually spill that over into other lanes.  Nice and simple.  I'll see you guys Thursday night!

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