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MadCast Holiday Open

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MadCast Holiday Open

MadCast Full Members, Candidates, and visitors who are new to the community, welcome to the second official MadCast Open, this time in the holiday spirit. This is the chance to show your skills and have fun. Please note the paragraphs below:

By registering, you are inherently agreeing to the MadCast Event Attendance Policy and MadCast Code of Conduct, and you are expected to adhere to it. Failure to adhere to either of these policies could result in either forfeiture of a game or disqualification from the tournament entirely, and removal from being eligible to participate in future events.

Also by registering, you are consenting for your name and likeness to be used on the MadCast forums and in MadCast media for any and all efforts related to the community. This includes but is not limited to: the live streaming and casting of matches, any and all current and future MadCast recruiting efforts, and advertisements for future community events, public and private.

The tournament officials for this event will be: MadCast: Mike (Discord: Mike22#3260), MadCast: Support Welfare (Discord: Neulratol#1892), and MadCast: Kitty Stark (Discord: Kitty Stark#1433). Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the event!

The registration procedures and rules are as follows:

The MadCast Official Discord Link:


I. Team Rules/Registration:


All teams must register IN THIS TOPIC via a reply to the OP.


Registration deadline: 12/14/2019

Tournament Date: 12/14/2019

First Matches Start at: 12:00 P.M. EST

Each team must designate a captain for the duration of the tournament.

The captain of the team must sign up the team using this format: (ALL NAMES MUST MATCH IN-GAME NAMES)

If a team is searching for players, there is also THIS THREAD for those who are not on a team but would like to play!

Team Name: XXX

Team Captain: XXXX





(if necessary)

(if necessary)

Teams must have at MINIMUM 5 players, and may have at MAXIMUM 7 players total.


II. In-Game Rules:

Members of the teams are required to be online, in the MadCast Official Discord, and in the pre-game lobby at least 20 minutes before match time.

All members of the team are required to set their Discord name as their in-game name.

Starting players must be declared if there are more than 5 players present. This should be completed by reporting the starting lineup to a tournament official upon joining and before 15 minutes prior to the start of the match.

All matches are to be played on Summoner’s Rift with 10-ban Tournament Draft

Teams must have all 5 members of the team present to participate. Failure to have 5 members results in forfeiture of the game.

Teams get one pause for game and technical issues per match. In the event a match is paused due to a technical issue, a tournament official MUST be notified, and the tournament official shall start an official timer upon notification of the other team captain of the technical issue.

Technical issue time-outs are indefinite to a reasonable extent. If after 10 minutes the member cannot rejoin the game and a substitute is present:

If the game is under the 10 minute mark, the game shall be remade with the substitute after all courses of action are taken to reconnect, with the original player eligible to start the next game if the issue has been resolved.

If the game is past the 10 minute mark, the captain of the affected team may request a remake of the game from the other team’s captain. This would be a  “friendly quit”, where the match is restarted with a substitute in place of ONLY the disconnected player. BOTH captains must agree to this.

In the event of any in-game dispute, the tournament officials reserve the right to take any action they deem necessary.


III. Substitutions:

Only players registered on your team may participate.

This means that NO unregistered alternates, no matter who they are, are permitted to participate for your team

Substitutions may take place at the start of each game, or as specified above in the special case of a technical issue.


IV. Scheduling:

Matches shall be played in the sequential order as specified by the bracket, which will be published at the close of registration.


V. Tournament Format:

The tournament will be double elimination. After the first loss, the team is dropped into the elimination bracket, where another loss eliminates them from the tournament entirely. Seeding will be randomly generated using a random number generator.

Finally, pre-tournament scrimmages are allowed between teams on the MadCast Official Discord. While notifying a tournament official is not necessary for a scrimmage, you are still expect to abide by the MadCast Code of Conduct. Players are also allowed to join any community events that MadCast hosts for the public before and after the tournament.

Edited by MadCast: Mike

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