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Hello there my name on discord is Yuki i play leauge of legends alot i go by the name of diginoms on league iv been part of madcast gaming for about two years now and i finely thought i would finely join i have brought meny people to madcast in my time of being here. i do play Runescape every once in a while i also play D&D. i am kind and friendly and im always found on the discord everyday. I do enjoy trying new games and i love making new friends as well. with my time being here iv gotten to know alot of you guys and made grate friends

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24 minutes ago, Yuki said:

indeed i am am i missing anything in my post?

I just like to make sure that it is explicitly stated so that there isn't any confusion. Not everyone who posts an intro is interested in applying for Membership right away.


You are now a candidate for Full Membership. When in Discord, please wear the [C] tag, as in [C] Yuki. Additionally, you now have access to #candidates-chat. Please find a Candidate Coordinator on Discord (myself, @MadCast: doublestufforeo, or @MadCast: Mike) for a full introduction and initial Q&A session. In one month the Senior Full Members will vote on your membership. Should you pass, you will become a Full Member. You will then be required to wear the MadCast name tag, in your case, MadCast: Yuki. Should you fail, you may reapply and the candidacy period will begin again.

A few tips for a successful candidacy:

  • Be regularly active on the forums! Try to check it at least a few times per week and participate in topics that interest you. Share anything you find interesting, because odds are someone else will too! Forum activity is an important component of successful candidacies.
  • Join our Discord Server! Even if you don’t or can’t use voice chat, you’re welcome to listen in. Playing games with members on our server is a good way for them to get to know you on a personal level.
  • Attend events hosted by MadCast that have many people in one place that you can meet and leave a good impression on.
  • Use the same username on the forums and Discord, as well as in-game, when possible. If you aren’t able to do this, make sure that the members you play with know who you are. They can’t leave comments on your thread if they don’t know which one is yours!
  • If you have any issues you can contact one of our . Feel free to post general questions regarding the candidacy process and community in the Discord #candidate-chat channel. Full Members will be able to satisfy most of your curiosities about the basics of being a part of MadCast.

If you have questions regarding your candidacy or the process to become a Full Member, please attempt to contact current Full Members via #candidate-chat in Discord first. If your concern has to do with conduct or issues with another player, feel free to reach out to an admin. 
Last but not least, the requirement for you to even be eligible to be voted on 
can be found here.

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