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Hello again everyone!  This week is our last League of Learning for a while (until after New Years).  This week I want to cover a few things.  Don't worry, its nothing too overwhelming.  With the pre-season patch hitting there are a lot of changes to how the game plays out.  With that in mind I want to keep the item changes in mind as there have been many changes and even some removals as well as returns.  I suggest reading up on the patch notes in the game client for specifics.  The other thing I want to cover is "attitude".  With new changes and the game changes shaking things up so much there are bound to be some lack of knowledge while people figure out the shape of the new meta and how things all work out.  So the overall theme for this week will be a focus on learning how the patch effects our game play as a team.  We will put more of a focus on the end of game analysis so be prepared to spend extra time on it as the game warrants it.  As always, have fun and I'll see you Thursday night!

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