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[Help] So I commissioned art for the wife

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Per the title, the wife has been playing her first character (5e 7th level Gloomstalker Ranger) for just over a year in a game I run at our house. We have a great crew for the most part and she has really enjoyed it so for her birthday or Christmas or our anniversary, I got her character and that Tressym (based on Greebo from Terry Pratchett) commissioned.

So the question is, how large should I print it and what paper should I use? I know nothing about such things but want to have it printed and framed under glass.

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Have you seen those websites that let you print things on canvas? The art style looks sort of like brush strokes. You can try shutterfly for canvas prints. 

Less expensively you can take the original file on a thumb drive or on your phone and take it to a drug store, kinkos, or wherever and get a print(s). If you want it in a frame, i'd pick the frame and get a print to match the size. It's high resolution so you shouldn't have a problem scaling it up or down. VERY COOL PRESENT.

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