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League of Legends TFT Tournament (1-20-2020) 8 pm EST

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Hurray!  TFT tournament time!  The tournament will be held a couple weeks out on January 20th, to give people time to sign up, formulate their strategies and set aside time for the games.

We will do a total of 3 games.  These games are only available to Candidates and Full Members of the MadCast community and we will be having a signup sheet for the tournament.  This means if you are not already a Candidate or Full Member of MadCast you are not eligible to participate in this tournament.  By signing up (which you will do by indicating so down below) you will be held to the MadCast Policies that apply (MadCast CoC,  Event Attendance Policy)


It will not matter if we do a full 8 man group as points are static based upon place that you finish in.  So this will allow us to field a tournament with an odd number of participants (example would be 15 players would still mean we play 2 groups but one group would have 8 people and the other group would have 7 people and 1 PUG player)

1st - 10 pts

2nd - 7 pts

3rd - 4 pts

4th - 2 pts

5th to 8th - 0 pts


If we do not have enough for a full in house 8 man group we will split into even groups (as best we can) and queue up.  The random people in the games will act as obstacles. They do not count for points if you eliminate them but they will count for overall place.  This means if you queue up in a 5 man group you end up with 3 PUGs. If the 3 random players get 1st, 3rd and 4th then the best anyone in that game can do is get 6 pts.



1st - PUG #1

2nd - Tournament player #1

3rd - PUG #2

4th - PUG #3

5th to 8th - Tournament player #2 - #5


There will be special objectives that will net you extra points each round similar to how they did it in the eSports show match a while ago.

These objectives will be:

    1)  Finish the match with 4 different Bonus' active (Cloud, Infernal, Swordsman, Assassin, Predator, Poison, etc.  There are plenty of these you can have active)

            -  This will be worth 2 points

    2)  Have a Gold level bonus of an element (6 Ocean, 9 Infenro, 6 Glacial, 9 Light and 6 Shadow) active on the board when you finish the match.  All other bonus' will not count.

            -  This will be worth 2 point

    3)  Have NO bonus active when you finish the match.

            -  This will be worth 3 point

    4)  If you are in a group that has random PUG players you will get points for being the FIRST person to eliminate a PUG player.  (PUG = random queued person.  Points will only be awarded for the FIRST PUG eliminated in each group.  If they are eliminated by a "shadow" player because others have been eliminated already then no points will be awarded for that group.)

            -  This will be worth 2 points


The one to get the most points out of everyone in the tournament will receive $10 of RP and second place will receive a masterwork chest from me.



The following factors determine whether you can send or receive gifts:

The player receiving a gift needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day.

The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes Leaverbuster, Tribunal, etc.).

To send a gift, you must be at least level 10.

There are also specific rules for different types of gifting.

That being said the second you decide to sign up you will want to send an in game friend request to "Support Welfare" so that I can gift you a prize if you win.  If you fail to do so you will either be getting your gift really late or have the option to forfeit your prize and it will go to the next highest point scoring player.


Tournament Sign Up List

MadCast: Support Welfare (I will not be taking a prize but will be destroying you all!!!)

MadCast: Suixide22

MadCast: Mike

MadCast: doublestufforeo

MadCast: Lunalesk

MadCast: StargazerLilli

MadCast: Kitty Stark


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