Fanart Painting for Sotar

MadCast: Kitty Stark

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@MadCast: Sotarkadin commissioned this 11"x14" watercolor painting as a Christmas gift. It features Jack, Sally, and Zero (from Nightmare Before Christmas) dressed up as Link, Zelda, and Navi (from Ocarina of Time). I hope they really like the present Sotar, and thanks for the commission!

commission for sotar full color small.png

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On 1/13/2020 at 9:26 AM, MadCast: Cloud said:

LOL! What a mash up. Its so cute. I would not have thought it was watercolor. I,d have guessed marker at first glance. Very awesome Kitty, well done. I love Zero's transparency and blue nose. 

I have Copic markers but I haven't used them as much after we moved. They need some TLC honestly, so I may be posting more art with them soon. Thank you though!

6 hours ago, Starlight said:

this is absolutely amazing! ive never used watercolors before its so seamless! i like your boarder spooky :D

Thank you for the kind words. I was very back-and-forth about the border, but in the end I think it works well to fill the open spaces without taking attention from the characters.

3 hours ago, MadCast: AngleOfDeath said:

shocked the legend of zelda GIF

the legend of zelda 80s GIF

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