MadCast: Kitty Stark

Starvation Sunday - 01/19/20 @ 7PM EST

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We had a lot of fun playing this together last week, so I'll be running Don't Starve Together again this coming Sunday at 7p EST.

I am currently researching different ways to override the server cap of 6 people so that we can have more people participating, but as of right now it will still be locked to 6 slots. If anyone that signs up drops out of the event early the next person on this list will get priority to hop on. If anyone that signs up is a complete no-show you will be given the lowest priority for future events (you are allowed to leave after the beginning if the server is full). If anyone is interested in also running a temporary server for the event, it isn't too demanding on your PC and I can help you get the basic mods set up in advance so that everyone can be playing in two groups. Please make sure you have me added on Steam ahead of time if you're new to the event!

The people who have been moved to the lowest priority for this week are: @MadCast: AngleOfDeath and @MadCast: Qrow. You are more than welcome to still come and try to play, but if the sign-up list is maxed out and/or anyone else shows up at the start of the event they will be allowed to join ahead of you. This low-priority status will be removed after this event ends. If you did play last week, you will be given the highest priority to continue playing as your existing character.



  1. Kitty
  2. Cloud (server host)
  3. LizzieJay
  4. Pushover
  5. Qrow
  6. ___________
    Backup Players
  7. ___________
  8. ___________
  9. ___________
  10. ___________
  11. ___________
  12. ___________

P.S. We are about to enter Summer so if you haven't played yet you may want to wait for a game-day or two so we can give you gear that protects you.

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