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Don't Starve Event Times

Don't Starve Together  

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  1. 1. What day(s) will work best for you to attend the event on?

  2. 2. What start time(s) will work best for you?

  3. 3. Are you both capable and willing to CONSISTENTLY run a twin server with the same mods so more people can play?

  4. 4. Would you play more often if there was a dedicated 24/7 server with a higher player max?

  5. 5. Would you want and use a @dontstarvetogether role tag on Discord?

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  • Poll closed on 01/27/2020 at 06:00 AM

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Hey guys! After the recent success of DST as an event I wanted to poll you and see what the community wants for this game in the future.

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