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10 hours ago, MadCast: AngleOfDeath said:

how long has it been running?

About three weeks or so? We just got dragons. 

I think we're about to switch to Abberation here soon. 

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OK guys I got a stable ark server up and running now! :) The server is a prep server to get ready for "ARK Genesis"! On Tuesday the server will switch to genesis and will stay there until the next map releases. :) Feel free to join and PM me if you want in my tribe. 

ServerType: PVP
Player slots: 30
Map: TheIsland
Mods: Structures Plus, Ultra Stacks, GlassMetal, Awesome Teleporters!, Classic Flyers, Primitiv Turrets, Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator, Super Spyglass

Harvest XP Multiplier:    x3
Craft XP Multiplier:    x3
Kill XP Multiplier:    x3
Generic XP Multiplier:    x3
Special XP Multiplier:    x3
Crop Growth Speed Multiplier: x5
Dino Harvesting Damage Multiplier: x3
Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier: x2

Allow Platform Saddle Multi Floors: True
Passive Defenses (Spikes) Damage Riderless Dinos: True
Auto Unlock All Engrams: True
Corpse Locator: True
Override Official Difficulty: 10
Night Time Speed Scale: x3
Taming Speed Multiplier: x5
Show Map Player Location: True
Prevent Diseases: True
Prevent Offline PvP: True
I have also increased the harvest amount for items that are tedious to get :)

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Necroing the shit out of this thread.

So made a channel in discord to gauge interest as @MadCast: Wazapand I have it and I have 2-3 friends currently interested in trying it out.

Plan to see if we can have a loose meetup one night a week in addition to being filthy casuals the rest of the time.

Pinged you in that channel @MadCast: AngleOfDeath

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