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Thursday is here again.  That means it time for some in house games with lane breakdowns at the end of the matches.  We will be adding a rule fer League of Learning going forward from now on (many of you will know I've been implementing this rule as of late already) but there will be no level 1 invades.  This is just something that tends to destroy games when they happen, especially if one team walks away with 2 or 3 kills because of it.  Some of you might argue "its part of the game and is a legit tactic.  People should be prepared for it."  Yes I agree its something people should be aware of and prepare for.  My counter argument to this would be that when you are making games in pre-made groups of 5 you tend to remake and redraft if things go drastically wrong early in the game.  As we do not do this I'm not going to be putting a stop to the level 1 invades.  This gives people a more stable opening to the game and generally prevents people from tilting off the face of the earth at 2 minutes in.  If you guys have any questions or concerns please feel free to bring them up to me and I will field any questions you have.

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