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Roll20 and D&D Beyond

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Hello all!

After some internal discussion, it has been decided that from this point forward, your character sheets have to be kept up to date on the roll20 character sheets. You absolutely can build your character, and level it up in D&D Beyond, but all of the information needs to be present on your roll20 sheet as the DMs need to be able to look at your sheet at any time, and potentially move the character information across games. Once everything has been moved to the Roll20 sheet for the first time, just keeping it updated should be a simple task in between sessions.

Everything can be rebuilt in Roll20, and I am more than willing to assist in this process, getting attacks set up so they're all set and ready to go when you click on them, etc. Just let me or any of the other DMs know if you need assistance for this, we're here to help!


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