Gauging Interest on Rocket League Coaching

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Hey y'all,


I'm planning to coach people in Rocket League if they wish to get better at the game.

I'm not entirely sure if it'll be a one time event or an ongoing thing. 


My MMR is only around 1560 which means I'm only just above GC so this will be focused mostly on Champ 1s and lower. 

We'll probably play a few games together, after which we will watch and review a replay of your's where we'll focus entirely on you.

If you or your friends may be interested in this, please let me know.

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12 hours ago, MadCast: Emaxxy said:

I would be willing to learn Rocket League a bit more. I don't know much about it overall, but from what I've played it's fun.

I'd love to help out. 

Currently the way I've been doing this is by reviewing replays and playing games together with the person getting coached. This may be a difficult thing to do if you're fairly new to the game, but I'll figure something out.

Let me know if you ever want to play together sometime. 🙂 

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