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I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions.

Next Module:  Progressive sessions resolving the Goblinoid Invasion.

NEXT SESSION :    Sunday May 17th @ 10PM

  1.  Victor Watanabe - 5th Level Cleric Arcana Domain
  1.  Sol Level 6 Sorceror 
  2.  Silas Fistington, level 6 Muscle Wizard
  3.  Lasai Volo - lvl 5 Wu Jen Mystic
  4. Rhogar, Level 7 War Cleric, Tuesday May 19th (War Correspondent)

In your signup, please indicate the date you are signing up for, and include your character name and class/level.  Please also keep in mind that the MadCast CoC will be fully enforced at these and all LD&D sessions.  Please also speak up if you haven't played in a while, feel you are falling behind, or have any other concerns and they will be addressed.  I ask that everyone, in the spirit of community, be ready to delay a signup if someone with a restrictive RL schedule has a rare opportunity to play.

Please PM on the forums or Discord with any questions, so we can keep this thread a clean record of signups.  

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Hello friends. Would anyone in the tuesday session be able to swap sessions with me (tomorrow/Sunday's session). I've had some real life stuff come up that has changed my availability for tomorrow.

Thanks in advancement, Bainick.

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I don't want to kick you from your session Support. I'm the one that's effected. And being that I'm happy to be the one missing out rather then you.

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