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I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions.

NEXT SESSION: Wednesday, March 25th @ 10:30PM Content: Dungeon Crawl (CLOSED SESSION)

A miner problem.

Interloper's Inc. has been contacted by local mining concern Quarry Query Mining Group. It seems while attempting to open a new branch off of an existing tunnel, a huge man made chamber was found with a large stone 'wall' covered in text, speaking about finding a key. No one employed by the mining company has the knowledge or expertise to proceed further into this man made structure and has decided to contract some outside help.

  1.  CloudsHusband
  2.  CloudsHusbandsWife
  3.  Stan (Tentative)
  4.  horsedolphin3
  5.   StargazerLilli
  6.  Support Welfare


Please allow players who have not experienced this particular content to sign up.

The players who have not yet been through this session are: @MadCast: Cloud, @MadCast: Kal, @MadCast: Stan, @MadCast: Suixide22, @MadCast: Icarus, @MadCast: VoShay, @MadCast: StargazerLilli, @MadCast: Support Welfare, @Flapjack, @CloudsHusband, @horsedolphin3

In your signup, please indicate the date you are signing up for, and include your character name and class/level.  Please also keep in mind that the MadCast CoC will be fully enforced at these and all LD&D sessions.  Please also speak up if you haven't played in a while, feel you are falling behind, or have any other concerns and they will be addressed.  I ask that everyone, in the spirit of community, be ready to delay a signup if someone with a restrictive RL schedule has a rare opportunity to play.

Please PM on the forums or Discord with any questions, so we can keep this thread a clean record of signups. 

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Sunday, March 8th, @ 6pm.

"You shall have my bow!" - Legoless, level 4 ranger

I volunteer to step down to allow others with less free time to play, if needed.

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9 hours ago, MadCast: Suixide22 said:


MadCast time is EST, so all times posted in any of the threads should be considered EST unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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