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I will be using this thread to collect signups for my personal LD&D sessions. Please note that due to time constraints, my sessions will be shorter than most, lasting between 2.5-3 hours. Accordingly, all efforts to keep combat moving quickly will be thoroughly appreciated. With that in mind, for the first thirty seconds of your turn, your PC will have a temporary condition called “Prepared.” While this condition is active, all attack and spell rolls will enjoy a +1 to attack and a +1 to spell save DC. The idea here is to offer a small boon to reward proactive play.

Additionally, the reality is that I have four young children, and it is always possible that I will have to cancel or delay a session on short notice. I will try to avoid this at all cost, but I appreciate your bearing with me.


Session Title: This is fine

When: Saturday, May 16 @ 9:15 pm PST / 12:15 EST

Deacon Reddick, a survivor from Bard Hollow, has contacted Interlopers with some serious concerns about a few of his fellow survivors.


This is an open ended session for 5 players. Stan and Howard have signup priority due to a prior cancelled session.

1. Valli

2. Ogma 

3. Velevara

4. Mara




1. Starlight

2. Tamorex


In your signup, please indicate the date you are signing up for, and include your character name and class/level.  Please also keep in mind that the MadCast CoC will be fully enforced at these and all LD&D sessions.  Please also speak up if you haven't played in a while, feel you are falling behind, or have any other concerns and they will be addressed.  I ask that everyone, in the spirit of community, be ready to delay a signup if someone with a restrictive RL schedule has a rare opportunity to play.

Please PM on the forums or Discord with any questions, so we can keep this thread a clean record of signups. 




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moon level 7 sorc ready may 16th!!!!!!!! (as fill, already ran)

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