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Don't Starve Together -- Warly Guide

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Hello MadCast! I have created this concise guide to Warly, a picky chef character in Don't Starve Together. Speaking of which, since I will be out of town this weekend, the next Don't Starve event will take place the following Saturday, March 21st. 


Don’t Starve Together -- Warly

  • Warly starts with enough hunger to last 2.5 days
  • Only eats food cooked in pots
  • Eating same foods within two day time frame will give diminishing returns
  • Warly’s portable pot cooks 20% faster than normal crockpot, can be crafted easily, can be placed closer to structures, and is portable
  • Spicer can make three spices that can be applied to food via the Blender, gives buffs for half a day
    • Chili flakes -- 20% damage boost
    • Garlic powder -- 33% damage reduction
    • Honey crystals -- 50% mining, chopping, hammering efficiency


  • Kill a moleworm early and combine with Warly’s first three vegetables to make meatballs to satisfy initial hunger
  • Initial foods easy to make: ratatouille, buttermuffin, fistful of jam, kebob, froggy bunwich, fishsticks, turkey dinner
  • Warly can grow new vegetables with farming: asparagus, onion, garlic, tomato, potato, pepper
  • Chef pouch is a portable fridge

Warly Foods

Grim Gallette

Nightmare fuel x2, onion, potato

25 hunger, 5 sanity, 1 life (swaps health with sanity percentage wise)

Fish Cordon Bleu

Fish x2, frog legs x2

37.5 hunger, -10 sanity, 10 life (immunity against wetness)

Glow Berry Mousse

Lesser berries x2, berries x2

37.5 hunger, 10 sanity, 3 life (turns character into a light)

Hot Dragon Chili

Dragonfruit, pepper, filler x2

25 hunger, 10 sanity, -3 life (keeps body toasty for one day)


Asparagus x2, ice x2

25 hunger, 10 sanity, 3 life (cools character for one day)

Volt Goat Chaud Froid

Goat horn, honey x2, ice

37.5 hunger, 10 sanity, 3 life (increases damage via lightning)

Potato Souffle

Potato x2, egg, filler 

37.5 hunger, 15 sanity, 20 life

Monster Tartare

Monster meat x2, filler x2 

62.5 hunger, -20 sanity, -20 life

Fresh Fruit Crepes

Butter, large fruit, berries, honey

150 hunger, 15 sanity, 60 life


Fish, onion, tomato, filler

112.5 hunger, 33 sanity, 60 life

Bone Bouillon

Bone shards x2, onion, filler

150 hunger, 5 sanity, 32 life

Foods for other characters via new vegetables

Potato Puree

Potato x2, onion, filler

37.5 hunger, 33 sanity, 20 life

Spiralled Tubers

Potato, filler, sticks x2

37.5 hunger, 15 sanity, 3 life

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus, small veggie x3

18.8 hunger, 5 sanity, 20 life

Vegetable Stinger

Asparagus, carrot, veggie, ice

25 hunger, 33 sanity, 3 life

Banana pop

Bananas, ice, sticks x2

12.5 hunger, 33 sanity, 20 life


Fish x2, ice x2

25 hunger, 5 sanity, 20 life

Pepper poppers

Pepper, meat, filler x2

25 hunger, -5 sanity, 30 life

Salsa fresca

Onion, tomato, filler x2

25 hunger, 33 sanity, 3 life

*filler means berries or ice

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