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Wolcen gear priority list

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I wanted to start a post to help people gear out as fast as they can by getting everyone playing aware of what gear/stats others are looking for.  That way we can trade gear between each other and push further in the game.  That being said I'd like to follow a standardized format for this so that things are easy to read and find.


My level: 59

General gear stat priority - Wisdom > CDR > Ailment (poison > fire) > Res All

Specific piece I'm looking for -

    Head piece: 

        Type - Heavy

        Stats - Res All > Health > CDR

    Notes:  I'd prefer a high Res All stats (300+) but anything over 182 (current helm) would be a big help


As a side note everyone keep an eye out for "The Trial".  Its a unique belt that is central to almost every viable build in the game right now.  It basically doubles your damage by placing a mark on the enemy every time you attack.  No matter what level you are if you find it you should pick it up.  Even if you don't use it I promise that someone in the group will.

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My build requires this stat priority:

%Damage (%Occult or %Element also works) > Crit Hit Chance > Crit Hit Damage > Spell Life Leech > All Resist > Health

For gems all I need is Alexandrite, all of the Alexandrite.

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