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MadCast: The Prince

Lord Captain Kwame: A Sickening End

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Kwame, had no doubt that he'd met his end. His armor had been crushed into his chest. Rings of chain and metal pushed into his now mostly collapsed chest. His trunk had been pulled nearly off of his face. One of his tusks had been partially broken off. All of this barely registered to him. He'd been injured before. Often bordering on grievously so. This time, however, was different. His blood burned. In the many cuts and tears he had suffered fighting this... abomination, his blood ran black.

"All of our best efforts to fix him are having no effect. We have... attempted to manually stitch his trunk back together but our stitching is melting from his blood. Honestly, you can hardly call it blood now. It is almost like... and acidic ectoplasm," said the healer.


You'd never heard Kwame yell in such a way. No one had. Even in the most tense of moments, he was like like steel. Strong. Unflinching. Calm. Prepared. This is not like him. This is wrong.

After a flinch, the doctor continued. "We cannot save him. No one that I have been able to contact is aware of how to flush this poison from his veins, but it will kill him. The fact that his is alive right now is more of a testament to his will than of anything we have done for him. We have been able to remove his armor, but his chest is collapsed. We've done a magical binding spell to around him to keep his insides within his body, but the blood seeps through. You said it was a monster made of men? What did it..."

Kwame bursts from his room. He is wearing no armor, only a simple pair of trousers. Black blood continues to seep from his bindings. His trunk is gone. A still sizzling charred wound with two large nostrils is all that reminds. In his hands, he holds a note pad and a pen holding them both high to avoid dripping blood on them. Some how he manages to keep a steady hand as he writes, but looks as if his legs are far less stable. As he walks past you he tears off the paper, rolls it, and hands it to you with a single word, "Titian."

Kwame says to the healer, "I cannot die here. I know that your human rites demand a burial, but... *cough* ... we Loxodon have our own. I must return to my home to In order for mine to be completed. Thank *cough* thank you... for your efforts."

"You won't make it home. That is at least 8 days travel by sea. There is no way!" The doctor responds. 

"And yet, I must." Kwame says as he exits.

As he leaves, you look at the trail of blood he has left on the ground and notice that the blood has burned holes through the rug that he has leading to his tent.


Kwame is aware his time is limited. He knows that he won't make it back home. This is why he left his sword and his armor. As damaged as they may have been, they should be returned to his people. He trusts that Titian will do this for him. He leaves his gold to the Ko'Mai'Nu and the rest of his possessions to Interlopers Incorporated.

He feels himself changing. He needs to get away from the camp. The Showman owes him a favor. She has the resources to get him far from here. He sends a note to her and in less than a minute he receives a response. It reads:

"Touch the runes.  They will get you somewhere... isolated. You'll be missed Kwame." - The Showman

He touches the runes and everything disappears.


The Cinder King laughs.


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I'm no writer, but my boy deserved an ending. Shout out to @MadCast: Khaos on this one as well. And big ups to @MadCast: VoShay, Kwame expects Titian to teach these folks to shape up or ship out!

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