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Starlight super fun dnd session will run again on 4/8/2020 at 8pm all may enter Good luck!
"You have received a note from Moon the note says "Help" scrawled crudely on the paper and a location, you notice the paper is made of a rare tree bark, you endeavor to find who needs help and why! You head to an ancient ruined temple and there we begin."

NEXT SESSION :   Wednesday, April 8th @ 8PM EST

  1.  Mara - Celestial Warlock of the 5th Level
  2.  Muriel - Monk of the 5th level
  3.  Tee - Warlock of the 6th Level   
  4.  Mordendra - Oath of the Watcher Paladin 5th Level
  5.  Silas - Muscle Wizard of the 5th Level                                                                                                                                  
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If you'll have me (a total noob but totally willing to listen and have fun)!

Muriel, Level 3 Monk, 4/8 at 8pm.

Edit: After Monday's meeting, I'm at level 5 now.

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