MadCast: Suixide22

Fight COVID-19 with your Computer

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Hello Friends!

Hope the pandemic is treating you well. As a gaming community, I thought it appropriate to share a little slice of how we can help join the fight against COVID-19, and in the future, many other diseases. It utilizes your PCs CPU and GPU to help with cloud-bases supercomputing tasks that aid researchers. Pretty cool eh? 

To get started, head over to

You can set it to do this while you are at your machine, or only when you are idle.

I have created a MadCast team, which you can join using team number: 260703

If you can spare the time and computing power, please do.



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Couple of cool related stories.

The coronavirus pandemic turned Folding@Home into an exaFLOP supercomputer 

Volunteers create world's fastest supercomputer to combat coronavirus

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