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MadCast: Munsa

The War Journal

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Designated Correspondents,

Use this thread to record your party's sessions and progress.  Keep in mind that this needs to be a factual representation of events, but can be delivered in whatever style the Correspondent finds appropriate.

Current Morale: 55/100

Current Glory: 4/50

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War Journal 5/10 

Aery, Tee, Ogma, Mara and Velavara take down the Hunter Killers. 

Intel at the gate Mado Curas spoke with a refuge leader entering the gates they told from goblins with wolves, elephant sounds.

Intel in the high runes Old Vaskos he and his men told us mammoths are smashing down cities. 

Group departed to the north at a fast pace with plans to venture to the last known place of the mammoth. 

Ran into Rongsticka, a gobo captain, and a few hobgoblins. The group snuck up on them and quickly took out all but Rongsticka, who... dimension doored? out 500+ feet to the north. We kept the captain and delivered him to Twinroot for imprisonment. 

Stayed the night at Twinroot. Lieutenant Barnabas told us stories of Longshot- aka one boob, is killing guys left and right. Her forces come, usually from the north. Group decided to hide and ambush the seigers. 

As planned, we managed to ambush the group marching toward Twinroot. Our sneak round took out 8/10 hobgoblins. Longshot sat astride a 25 foot mammoth. Buuuuut apparently mammoths are afraid of dwarves. Ogma could not be trampled and managed to grappling hook on top of the mammoth and kick Longshot off. She attempted to escape or get advantage with distance but our range beat her’s, a couple of eldritch blasts later she was down. On the other side of the battle, Tee and Aery took out Rongsticka. Ogma struggled to control the mammoth and instead blinded the beast. 

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