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The terrifying War-Mammoths of the evil Hobgoblin Stratocracy have been slain outskirts of Twinroot by the elite warriors of Interlopers Inc. 
Aery, Tee, Ogma, Mara, and Velavara took the initiative to track and kill the Stratocracy Hunter Killer group. According to sources close to the Interlopers, the group skirmished with a goblin captain.
Unsatisfied by the escape of the goblin survivors, the cunning Interlopers set an ambush outside of Twinroot. The goblin officer, known as Longshot - aka one boob, led her entire company into the trap.  

While the other members of Interlopers ambushed the goblin menace Rongsticka, Ogma the Dwarf climbed the front of the mammoth war-beast, slaying it with a mighty cleave of his axe and capturing the ferocious Longshot. 

Casualties were none while goblin casualties number in the 100s. 
Every citizen must do their part to drive back the Stratocracy. Would you like to know more?

newspaper 1.jpg

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What do you mean? New City Printing is THE source for frontline news. I think you'll find nothing wrong with the printed material. It clearly states that Rongsticka was slain.

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