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Hey all!

I have a couple server slots on a hosting site, and would be down to host some servers if people are interested.  Games available:

Personally, I would love to pick up either a hardcore vanilla server, or a community modded server! I actually have a realistic generation mod for 1.15 (Pictures Included) if we want to use that as well for a vanilla server, to make it a bit more interesting. 

If we want a modded Minecraft server I am down for pack suggestions, but here are some I am currently interested in;

If any of these already exist let me know! (I did a quick forum search for each, but didn't find anything current). I am new to the community, so I'm unaware if this was the right way to go about it, but please, if you are interested reply to this post or DM me either here or on Discord!


-Draconum Domini


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5 minutes ago, MadCast: Kal said:

Whoa, welcome to the community mate! That's a helluva first post!

I've been trying to get a group going for Minecraft for a long time but none of my friends have been interested lol. Figured I'd try to gauge interest here as well.

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